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Agricultural Revolution: Discovering High Lands Farm

Ambe Standley, CEO High Lands Farm

With a track record of mentoring close to 1000 young farmers, agricultural engineers, senior agricultural technicians, and livestock breeders, High Lands Farm might be on a fast lane to revolutionarized  agriculture and combat food insecurity in Cameroon. High Lands Farm is a Bamenda based venture. Apart from its routine farm work and produce, its engaged in the sales of quality green house equipments like the Poly Plastic 86 and 63 micron, sale of insect trapping nets for Green House construction and the construction of modern and locally adapted Green Houses for environmental needs.

Ambe Standley harvesting from the farm

Meet the CEO

Ambe Standley Chenwi is a senior agricultural technician and CEO of High Lands Farm, Bamenda Cameroon. The 30-years-old hails from Bafut, North West region.
Since obtaining the Higher National Diploma in management of Farm Enterprises, the senior agricultural technician have been in the farms for five years now and counting and has been involved in the training of young people, willing to take agriculture as a job.

To Ambe Standley, agriculture is the only sector which will change them.
"We the young people should start thinking. If we do agriculture, have the purpose of business. Our economy is primary and even accountants are paid today from the farms", Ambe Standley said while encouraging young people to come for training.

To make farming successful, Ambe Standley plans to have more Green Houses in Bamenda and to mentor more young people and engage them into family farming. "We are using the Jewish system of farm business which enables family holdings in Agric-business", Ambe Standley said.

After the creation of High Lands Farm by Ambe Standley, the farm have been engaging more young people into farming, some came for internship while others are carrying out short term courses and also to engage new skills into agriculture.
"Usually, we help the young people develop new skills in farming because farming today is a business that has got competition striving at every edge in it's production".


Asked why he got into farming, Standley says, it's something that has been in his family. "I got into farming because I am from a farming family. My parents were farmers and I had to inherit it so I could better innovate from where my family was failing", the agro pastoral entrepreneur said.

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A Multifaceted Venture

The services of High Lands Farm also include the sale of farm animals like poultry, rabbits, pigs and their bi-products.

High Lands Farm Poultry section

The poultry of the farm is located at mile 4 Nkwen and they offer consultancy to young farmers from Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania on developing a broad base system on precision agriculture across the continent.

Some produce from High Lands Farm ready for sale

To market its products, High Lands Farm has developed a marketing network that supplies its produce around Bamenda, Yaoundé, Buea, Limbe, Bafoussam and Mamfe to Ekok and even in Nigeria.

From a farming background, High Lands Farm helps you grow and acquire wealth and drive poverty while maintaining a standard of living with a positive impact to your community.

In every emerging economy today, agriculture is the backbone on which the economy relies on. Agriculture happens to be a field where many young people shy away from and are always sceptical to engage themselves in. However, there are some young agricultural entrepreneurs who have taken up the challenge and are massively involve in this.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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