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Cameroon Real Estate: Asanji Paul, A Force To Reckon With

The beauty of a city is mostly seen on how creatively designed, structured and richly constructed the roads and buildings are. Architects don't invent anything but transform to reality, with simplicity as their weapons of creativity.
In Cameroon, the Real Estate business is gradually coming to the lamplight. This is the case with Dynamic Engineering and Consultancy, DEC. It is a civil engineering firm which was founded in 2014 by Asanji Paul and has as main aim; Realizing Your Dreams.

Asanji Paul, CEO of DEC at work

Asanji Paul is a dynamic young Cameroonian who hails from the North West region. He is a holder of an HND in Civil Engineering Design and a Bachelor's degree in Building and Structure Engineering.
Within this brief period of existence, the Real Estate firm has taken active part in the enhancement of infrastructural development through her numerous projects executed in some parts of Cameroon like in Bamenda, Douala, Limbe, Kumba, Mamfe, Buea, Kribi, Bafut, Batibo etc.


Dynamic Engineering Consultancy offers a wide range of services beginning from conception to realization and reception. Among these services are options like conception and development of architectural drawings, realization of building construction and civil engineering projects (the leap from blue prints to terrain), rehabilitation and renovation of existing structures, geotechnical services in view of soil classification and structural determination, engineering Surveying Services in view of land demarcation and acquisitions and man many others.

Asanji Paul and some workers at a construction site

DEC at all instances exerts unquenchable efforts with hopes of propelling into a glamorous future. There's no doubt every company has as objective or goal to attend greater heights but DEC is one of the few that wishes for more than just the company's growth: Her primary objective is her clients satisfaction through to the dream realization process.

Dream Come True...

According to Asanji Paul, Real Estate has always been one of his interests from childhood as he spent most of his time molding buildings and water supply systems.
"At this age, I choose real estate because it's the dream of every individual and group of people to have a lucrative and successful line of business", Asanji Paul told The Safeguard.

Projects being realized by DEC

Cameroon is still lagging behind in terms of real estate. Initiatives like that of Asanji Paul should be encouraged. Dynamic Engineering Consultancy appears to have a better and more lucrative perspective of real estate in Cameroon that will not only beautify and develop the country but improve on the economy of Cameroonians as individuals and Cameroon as a whole.

By Pechuqui Lauratha

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  1. Awesome. I am a satisfied beneficiary of the dexterious human investment of DEC. Out of what almost everybody called "nothing", my engineer friend and brother carved out a modern house, where I now live happily with my family. The future of real estate is bright and we see DEC going places. Courage Dynamite Paul.

    1. Thanks honored and the pleasure is DEC's. Thanks for believing in us

  2. Mr Asanji Paul is one of his kind.
    DEC is a new breed to Real Estate in Cameroon.
    I've enjoyed their services as well.

    More Heights DEC


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