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Environment: New Firewood Cooker Contributes To Conservation

One of the challenges that have preoccupied mankind of recent has been how to live on the planet earth and continually conserve it for the next generation. It is a fight that has involved all walks of life. Now students in school are all striving to make contributions in the fight to keep the planet safe. Tatah Fabiola Kewir is a 24-years-old year three (3) student of the National Higher Polytechnic Institute, NAHPI, of The University of Bamenda, who has made strides in this domain. She is a native of Nso, Bui Division, North West region of Cameroon.

With the technological know-how acquired from school, Tatah Fabiola Kewir has manufactured a firewood cooker which to her is more economical than a gas cooker. The cooker is very easy to use as it takes just few pieces of firewood. These pieces are placed in the firebox or chamber which helps to minimize the consumption of the firewood.

Tatah Fabiola in the workshop

How Unique Is the Cooker!

Tatah Fabiola standing near the firewood cooker

The firewood cooker has an insulator which makes sure that the heat generated stays only within the cooker and as such the cooker remains hot after sometime. There is also a flask chamber below the cooker which can be used to keep food after cooking to keep it warm for some time. The cooker uses the principle of conduction. It also contains an oven chamber where it's users can always mix flour and keep there for baking when using the other burners. There is also a heat regulatory system for the oven.
There is also a tray below the firewood chamber where the charcoal falls and can be collected for other reasons. It has a sooth chamber where all the sooth gathers and is cleaned up after a long period.

Oven section of the firewood cooker

The firewood cooker is advantageous in that, the back of the pot never gets dirty as it does while using the local fireside. It also takes different pot sizes and whatever little smoke is sent out through the chimney. It is more economical than a gas cooker and above all it is portable.

To Tatah Fabiola Kewir, she got into this because she loves creativity. "I am someone who loves creativity. I like to see knowledge being applied. I always like to do only what men do because I believe everyone is equal. Moreover, I always look at my family background and try to do things which people consider difficult because I know the end will always be fruitful", she said.

Considered as something very difficult for women to engage themselves in, Tatah Fabiola calls on every young lady who wants to get into her field to be determined because nothing is difficult in life.

She says once an order for the firewood cooker is placed, it can be done and delivered within 10 days.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. Great innovation Fabiola and a Good writeup Nji. More power Man

  2. Go girl.What is the cost and can it be delivered in Douala within the ten days limit.?

    1. You can leave your contact or get to the contact on this page and I will link you up with her

  3. This is a great job here Fabiola. Congratulations and keep going girl.
    Thanks Mr Nji for writing about it.

  4. Congrats Engineer in the making .


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