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Events Planning and Management: A Breakthrough For Ndi Prisco Diko

The success of every event has always remained the affair of how it was planned from start to finish. Those who have realized the truth about event management have always had their events successful. Event management in our setting has however remain an underdeveloped domain despite its great contribution to societal development.

One person who has not only realized the importance to human endeavour but has made it his new way of life is Ndi Prisco Diko. Born in Foumbot, a village in the West region of Cameroon, Ndi Prisco Diko as an event planner and organizer, has taken his talent to a height of recognition in the city of Bamenda. He is a graduate of The University of Bamenda with a BBA in Management, Bsc in marketing and an Msc in Management.

Crowd at an event planned and managed by Prisco

As a passionate dancer with New Breed in 2012, Prisco had so much love for the art with which he and his team performed on national and international platforms like the Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa in Nigeria, Christ Embassy Love World Festival of Arts and Culture in Johannesburg. Witnessing the competition on various platforms and a community with so much interest in entertainment, Diko thought of giving the people around him podiums and events to showcase and compete.

Humble Beginnings

Ndi Prisco Diko started his journey as an event manager with Talented Bamenda in 2014, a platform where performers present their singing, dancing, comedy and novelty acts to celebrity judges and a nation-wide audience in order to advance in the competition and win huge prizes.

Ndi Prisco Diko (in red) at an event

Speaking to us, Prisco highlighted his drive has been the growth of the people he has been working with. He said “seeing them grow is the push factor that keeps me going”. Still in 2014, Prisco founded one of Bamenda’s top companies in events planning and management, modeling, youth’s formation amongst others. This team has conquered events of any magnitude and location.

Strides Made So Far!

Apart from the first edition of Talented Bamenda and its other editions, this store of potential has chaired the Ebolowa Trade Fair, Bertoua Trade fair, Miss University of Bamenda amongst others. One can conveniently say they have tasted the nation. No great person ever gets satisfied of their position. Prisco in the month of September will go international with the Miss Integration CEMAC in Equatorial Guinea which concerns all countries in the CEMAC zone. Equally, this event planner will be launching the first edition of International SHOSA Festival of Fashion and arts in November 2020.

A Field of Challenges like others!

“I face so many challenges as an events person most pertinent of which are the lack of resources, poor mindset of the community around me as everyone thinks their relatives can organize their events. No one wants to trust another person with their occasion. In spite of these, am focused on creating my own professional and standardized events for CEO’s, companies and organizations to follow”.
Events, whether a party, a class, or promotion, have always played a part in connecting people and communities. As technology advances so does the manner in which people plan and host events. The earliest events and gatherings promoted peace and friendship between tribes and clans. The first known event planner was Cleopatra. She hosted fancy over the top meetings in pursuit of lovers. Cleopatra’s events would not have been possible without her servants and free labour.

What is Event Planning?

In an optimist’s view, Event planning is the energizing art of choreographing people and activities in order to create a show that creates memories of a lifetime. Designing and producing an event, whether it‘s a meeting, corporate event, fund-raiser, tradeshow or any other event, is in many ways comparable to directing a live stage performance. An added bonus, for those who love to travel, it provides an amazing opportunity to travel to luxurious hotels, interesting new places and meet speakers and attendees from around the world. All of this, while enjoying a high level of autonomy and independence!

Be the Next PRISCO DIKO?

You might want to be the next PRISCO DIKO at a different level, he is ready to mentor and teach his techniques through him and his organization so that together we get better. Events planning and management is said to be a very easy field of venture but very few young persons are into it. The works of Ndi Prisco Diko is hoped to motivate many young persons to venture into such a lucrative art with unique style and courage.

By Mbozeko Urich Brice

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    1. Let's have further discussions on how you can join the team of great event planners and how you can start your journey to be the next Prisco Diko . here's an email to connect directly with Prisco Diko

  2. Will like to be like my boss " PRISCO DIKO"
    Brice you did well☺️

  3. Je prend l'exemple du dynamisme sur prisco diko et un jour je serai l'œuvre de son travail en produit fini

  4. I appreciate your works and having the initiative to guide others with the passion is a good thing keep up my boss


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