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Fashion Made Easy; Domesticating New Trends

Vanny Arts designs

One aspect of the society that has continued to evolve by the day has remained the way people dress. The challenge has been to the way the society accepts. This comes with a multitude of trends and styles predominantly from the west, passed on via social media and the virtual teacher, the television. Given that most of what people wear come from the west, finding new solutions to the demands of the fashion industry has remain an aspect loved by many but exploited by a few.

One person that has decided to provide local solutions to these demands is Tchielock Namegni Pauline Vanessa. She is now transforming what others consider as waste to into use. She hails from Baloumgou, West region of Cameroon. The 29-years-old holds an MSc in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Tchielock Namegni Pauline Vanessa collects half fabrics from tailors and uses them to customize and redesign old bags and shoes. She also uses these fabrics to redesign earrings, bangles, necklace, face caps, sandals, flip-flops, dining sets and wall gallery.

Shoe designed by Vanny Arts

Strides Made...

In January 2019, the young entrepreneur created a start-up venture known as Vanny Arts with the aim of solving the problems of waste valorisation in Cameroon and create exceptional designs that will make Cameroonians consume their own products. Founded with the main aim to valorise non biodegradable waste; transforming them into other products, prolonging their life span and promote culture through the choice of designs and materials.

To her, passing on these skills to other Cameroonians remains her prime objective. "The purpose of creating Vanny Arts is to make Cameroonians appreciate and consume beautiful designs made in Cameroon, consume home products and help youths acquire skills out of the classroom work that can help them in their homes or for income generating through the trainings that we organize", she said.

A One Stop Shop

Vanny Arts indulges in Ankara decorations like wall gallery boards, picture frames, and mounted pieces of decor and event hall decorations. Yarn Accessories and decorations. Ankara earrings, necklace, bangles, purse, sandals and sleepers.With Yarn (wool thread) decoration, they produce wall hangings, flower jars, table mats and 'pom pom' decorations.
Vanny Arts can also customize T-shirts, face caps, bags, shoes and anything that needs renewing.

Their products can also be found on Shoppyit

For business purposes, get to Vanny Arts via +237 677 268 884

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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