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Initiatives That Matter: Ngwing Vera Promotes Fufu Corn, Makes Flour Available

Ngwing Vera native of Bafut, North West region of Cameroon has transcribed her desire to create a positive impact in the society in which she finds herself in by making business with the main ingredient for fufu corn, corn flour, a dish eaten widely in Cameroon.

Ngwing Vera, CEO Chokmah Ltd

She is CEO of Chokmah Ltd. Chokmah Ltd , a company that came into existence early 2020, is specialized in the processing of flour products. The start-up is all about the processing of flour products with corn flour at the forefront.

Chokmah Ltd products are available in Buea in most supermarkets and retail shops. As a company, they are still putting efforts to extend their products to other parts of Cameroon and even beyond.

The young graduate from the Faculty of Law and Political Science from the University of Buea and an uprising social entrepreneur has launched a start-up which provides corn flour for Fufu corn (a staple Cameroonian dish) in Buea, South West region of Cameroon.
“I would say I started it because I wanted to put an end to mismanagement of time. Time spent queuing up at the grinding mill, and also to make it easier for everyone to have access to corn flour anywhere and at anytime. I would first appreciate God Almighty because He inspired the idea in me", Ngwing Vera told The Safeguard.

From Law to Entrepreneurship

Ngwing has called on her peers not to be tide up by certificates or by what one reads in the university and be open to any idea that can create wealth.
Though a graduate of Law, the young social entrepreneur believes that young people have to be creative and think out of the box in other to survive in Cameroon where jobs are very difficult to come by. "Let every young person out there not be limited by what they studied. You can be anything, lets create jobs where it is said there are no jobs, it is very possible", Ngwing Vera said.

The entrepreneurial sphere in Cameroon today aims at breaking limits and sustaining the future, with young people at the center stage. This move by Ngwing Vera and her Chokmah Ltd is hoped to attract envy  from students, especially jobless graduates from the University of Buea and the entire population.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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