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Queen's Magazine: Young Model Launches Magazine To Give Visibility To Cameroons Showbiz Industry

Queen's Magazine, a lifestyle, fashion and entertainment magazine to begin spotlighting and giving exposure to Cameroonian talents in showbiz and entertainment industry has been launched.

The publication to focus on exposing budding and excelling talents in the modeling, make-up, photography, fashion design, health, culture, music and other sectors is an initiative of 24-year-old young model and entrepreneur, Njilifac Queendoline.

Though founded in 2019, the magazine was officially launched June 28, 2020 in Bamenda. The founder, a native of Lebialem Division in Cameroon's South West Region doubles as make-up artist and catwalk instructor.  
Speaking while launching the monthly print and digital publication which is out to serve both offline, online, national and international readers, the CEO who is popularly known as Kendel Queen, disclosed that the project is out to change the narrative of how models are seen in the society and to make the population have a change of what she terms the funny mindset that people have about them.

"Come on, models can also be entrepreneurs. We can invest and feed ourselves from what we do. So, this is just to change the funny mindset some people have about models", Njilifac said.
With inspiration from everyday life, the Njilifac, a second year masters student and Biology teacher said that the magazine will connect fashionists and entertainers on international scenes especially within Africa. She said though there exists a plethora of fashion magazines in Cameroon, Queen's Magazine will target showbiz from a holistic and not on certain aspects as is done with others.

The magazine initially evaluated to cost FCFA 5000 has been subsidise by partners including Non-Governmental Organizations to sell at FCFA 2500 or 2000. It will provide its readers with an in-depth and concise information in a portable and readable format.
The magazine which will give its advertisers a chance to share with its readers about their products in several parts of the country: Bamenda (Franco-Alliance, Veterinary junction); Buea (Malingo junction) Limbe, Bafoussam, Yaounde (Total Jouvence), Douala (Bonaberi 4etage).

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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    1. The blog focuses on the economic exploits of young people and social entrepreneurship

      Accompanying young people in their economic strides.
      Giving visibility to tech innovations by Cameroonians, Africans...

  2. Great. Always try to proofread before publishing. Just some minor errors.

  3. ...of how models are seen in the society. Your wrote, AND SEEN...

    ...Cameroon's South West region and not ... CAMEROONS SOUTH WEST...

    I want to personally congratulate you on the brilliant initiative and looking forward to working with you on similar projects.

  4. Good job Dr but always put your business number along side how do one get to you

  5. I am glad my brother mentioned the revision issue. I must however confess this is a superb initiative. It is high time we create such vitrines to showcase who we are and what we do. I am a language service provider. Feel free to reach out if you need another pair of eyes. Cudos


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