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Cameroon Fashion: Laba-It Kreations Takes Comfortable Lead

Some designs of Laba-it Kreations

Looking good is good business. Looking good and dressing uniquely is what distinguishes the style in which many people dress nowadays in our society. The paradigm shift in fashion today wherein  many Africans and Cameroonians in particular wants fashion dressing that makes them more African and Cameroonian has taken many stylist off guard.

One of those who have been prompt to accompany her society in this new quest for fashion is Nyincho Laura. Based in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon, Nyincho Laura has created what is today known as Laba-it Kreations.

What they do...

Laba-it Kreations is specialized in making Ankara accessories and interior design articles. They also make beaded slippers, sandals and accessories. Laba-it Kreations also does Ankara home decorations, soffers, ottoman made of tyre, throw pillows, wall frames, wall clocks, table mats.

To ensure sustainability, Laba-it Kreations offers training to interested young people who want to involve themselves in such an adventure. They can do one on one training and group trainings.

The spark!

In her early years, Laura discovered that these items were so expensive reason why she decided to get into it.
"I had always love articles and home decor made of African print. Given that they were so expensive, I decided to learn how to make them and create articles using African fabric. That's how my mark was born "Laba-it. Laba in my mother tongue; Itanghikom means cloth, loin etc." Nyincho Laura said.

Nyincho Laura hails from the Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon. In her native language, Itanghikom, Laba means clothes, wrapper. 
“Laba-it Kreations is different from others because of our steadfastness with work. our priority is to satisfy our clients. Their satisfaction first and foremost is our priority", she added.

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Educated yet entrepreneurial...

The 30-year-old Nyincho Laura is a holder of a BA in African Languages and Linguistics, a BA in Bilingual Letters and a diploma in Cameroonian Languages and Cultures. She is also a graduate from ISTIC with a Masters in Translation and Interpretation.
Despite all these certificates, Nyincho Laura decided to get into entrepreneurship because she believes she has to hussle to be useful in the society.

"In our country, one source of income is hardly enough for a large family like mine. The love of craft also gave a big push into entrepreneurship", Laura said.

To young Cameroonians, Nyincho Laura recommends that they get into entrepreneurship because the government cannot provide jobs for everyone. "We the youths have to grow our private sectors, why not promote our culture via our craft", Laura concluded.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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