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Cameroon Shopping: B-UNIT iTEMS Makes Shopping Easy

One of the things that make a home complete and brings joy and life in a home have remained the quality, brand and type of electronic gadgets that you have. Having access to good and quality brand electronics has always been a problem in most towns and cities of Cameroon. With the world a global village today, many electronics and other items can be bought and sold online. The challenge of getting access to these electronics that gives comfort has remained a major problem. The question of getting quality products when you want without visiting a shop and without standing the risk of falling prey to online fraudsters most often remains a daily dilemma for many.

In a bid to make shopping easy, safe and mutually beneficial, Beng Eric, a young entrepreneur based in Douala has decided to bring the shop close to individual homes across Cameroon. He has now created B-UNIT iTEMS, a business venture that deals with electronics and jewelries. B-UNIT iTEMS is an online retail company that came into existence in 2013 in Buea, Cameroon. The business venture has now made it easy for everyone in Cameroon, no matter the location to have access to latest goods from companies in Douala and abroad to be delivered in the shortest time possible once the order has been made, an opportunity many Cameroonians have exploited and are already benefiting from it.

 Humble beginnings...

To Beng Eric, this business venture was conceived while he was in the university.
"I started with 15.000FCFA and together with my friend, I went to Douala and bought memory cards, came back to Buea and made some posters which I pasted on campus and thats how the journey began. People called me and bought while others gave their orders", Beng Eric said.

Electronic gadgets and jewelries

After graduating from the University in 2014, Beng Eric moved to Douala in search of a job. But a year later, he didn't get any job. With this new twist, he decided to give up on the job search and focused on the business he was doing.

On November 8, 2016, Beng Eric printed some T-shirts which carried the name B-UNIT iTEMS and that's how it all became serious. B-UNIT item delivers all recent electronic gadgets and jewelries to their clients all over Cameroon who order from Douala and abroad. B-UNIT iTEMS also link her clients up to phone repairers who are part of their team.
Presently, B-UNIT iTEMS have moved from being just an online venture and now have open roadside kiosks or stands opposite Tradex Ndokoti, in Douala. You can shop with them via Google shop at or visit their website for more information about their products and services.

Asked why he decided to concentrate on entrepreneurship, Beng Eric revealed that, it was because he could not get a job after graduation.
"This came after I had knocked on so many doors for a job to no avail. I had to think about what I could easily do without anyone telling me how to go about it and realized that I have been good in selling since primary school....then I told myself that I will own a company that will reduce unemployment to the many young graduates in my country and that's actually my goal and I will one day get there", Beng Eric told The Safeguard.

Beng Eric

Born in Kom, specifically Njinikom, Boyo Division, North West region of Cameroon, the 30-year-old Beng Eric holds a B.Sc in Geology and a minor in Petroleum engineering technology since 2013 obtained from the university of Buea.
To all the young people, Beng Eric believes that they can make it big in Cameroon by seeking ways to help the government, "no matter how small it is", he said. He believes that this is possible through skills acquisition and innovation. Then believe in what you are doing, putting God first in all you do and exercising patience.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. In God we trust, YOU WILL GO FAR

  2. Amazing,.
    I have personally done purchases through the agency and its amazing.
    I say courage and better days ahead my champions.

  3. Ahead ahead our uprising tycoon

  4. Eric is an inspiration to Cameroonian youths and his vision of B-unit is revolutionary. Buying from B-unit is the best decision you can make because that is where value meets quality.

  5. Great ventures always have humble beginnings. I am sure B-Unit has the resilience it takes to be successful. Will recommend them anytime, anywhere.

  6. I know you'll get there sooner than later due to the fact that you are very determined. I love your guts, and I know your acts motivate a lot of young people. Courage!!!

  7. My first ever online purchase was from B-UNITS. Because if him I could trust online products.
    I believe your dream will be a reality someday.
    More grace to you and your team.

  8. I've always known u to b a hardworking and someone who never gives up on dreams and I know u at the corner to make it big.keep going cus the sky is u limit

  9. Thanks so much Mr Nji for this detail write-up... nothing is more important to me than rendering a quality service to +237 and the world.

  10. God is in control,your will grow higher and higher,sky your limit,more grease to your elbows

  11. Brother may God take you to higher heights


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