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Surviving the Anglophone crisis, discovering skills

The Anglophone crisis, characterized by frequent lockdowns, ghost towns and industrial strikes have compelled a secondary school student in Bamenda to discover her skills in cake making. Forced to stay at home due to the crisis and now Covid 19, she has been home for some time and has decided to make use of her time. This is the case with Fielefack Wilma, a 19-year-old pre- university student of Government Bilingual High School Down Town Bamenda.

Young Fielefack Wilma 

In a bid to exploit her free time, Fielefack Wilma has created a small start-up business known as Fieles Touches and Packages. Fieles Touches and Packages produce all types of cakes and surprise baskets.

She hopes that by becoming an entrepreneur she will not be a continuous burden to her family.
She tells The Safeguard that her inspiration came after advice and encouragements given to her by people who needed cakes and others who appreciated the services she had offered to them.
"I discovered that many people liked to gift cakes and surprise baskets to their loved ones. It is with this discovery that i decided to add the surprise packages to Fieles touches", she added.

Fieles Touches and Packages engage in all kind of cakes for occasions like birthdays, graduation, and weddings. Her business start up is unique as every surprise party organized by her venture has come with a surprise. They also give counsel on what kind of cake to make, the design and its way of presentation, that is; the look of every cake must have a story that it represents.

Fieles Touches gives discounts and does delivery.

Read more about Ngalim Hermina whose talent identification was triggered by the anglophone crisis

Her advice to her peers is that they should  be creative and open minded to acquire new ideas for their betterment.

By Ngwene Noelly Thelma

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  1. I am proud to see my baby sister making great moves. She is an inspiration and I wish you well baby sister 😘

    1. A very good example for us de youths to follow
      Cherie a Soo proud of you
      A dey ur back 💪💪

    2. Like I always call u Madam Ajanaku the market woman . I love what you are doing I hope this will be used as a sport light for our fellow girls to see that there are better opportunities out here . And they shouldn't rely on the government for everything . More grace to ur elbow granny . And may god continue blessing the works of your hands like he has alwasa done🙏

    3. More blessings small sister with God everything is possible

  2. Thinking out of the box has never and will never be a bad idea, in any failure there is a potential success, Every tycon started with a small but big idea Just like the Young Fieles is doing. Every disappointment comes with a blessing. NEVER GIVE UP

  3. She's got the brain of a strong woman keep up sis time so nodey

  4. Oh my God❤️🙏
    May the Lord Almighty keep on taking you to higher hights sis

  5. My one and only granny..I'm so happy for you, you are an inspiration to other women. You have proven that a woman can build herself and provide for her finances regardless. May God bless your hustle baby👐. Those blessed filled hands of yours will do more.

  6. they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and my kid sister is already almost reaching the top, please don't forget to contact her for your events' cakes, Bless up "last born"

  7. Phenomenal report. She deserves the exposure with the talents she is embedded with.

  8. More grace sis higher height is all you deserve God is with you

  9. Wow.
    I've always known here for brilliance & creativity.

    The sky is your limit Wil. NEVER GIVE UP.

  10. Sissssssss💓 im proud of you....... some many people will look at you as a role model including myself. More wins sis

  11. Wow wow...I'm very proud of u my friend..I pray that God continues to bless u and your handwork as well as increase your skills in creativity..

  12. More grace last born, the sky is your springboard

  13. This na girl but e d reason like woman u know...more efforts

  14. My sista from another mother she is talented and above all her hands are blessed. I am proud of you sis. May God bless you so you continue your work of creativity

  15. Even tho I haven't tasted a piece but just the way people hail her talents,
    the crispiness of the cake gives me confident that it's all good. Men congrats for bringing out the best version of you to serve your loved ones.

  16. Very motivating and a good inspiration for the youths of Cameroon. Its shocking to see such a little girl with great entrepreneurial ideas such as hers. This is an example the of today's generation should learn from. Keep the candle glowing baby girl.

  17. Hmmmm finally the CEO of Fieles Touches is approaching her sky level. May your talented hands always produce its best qualities out of cakes as always before. I love and envy the taste and quality of your Fieles cakes.

  18. Congrats baby girl... Keep going God got u and you will reach unbelievable hieghts

  19. Nyc work gurl...u r just too wala ..

  20. Congrats My child . Keep going
    on I believe in you so much and you will reach unbelievable hieghts In the name of Jesus Amen God bless you abundantly and success shall be ya way always ♥️♥️


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