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Technology and Innovation: 18-year-old Builds Free Learning App for students

Mbah Javis

Mbah Javis, a student in Bamenda has used advantage of the ongoing crisis and developed an app for learning (The Network).

The 18 year old who hails from Batibo in the North West region of Cameroon has built an app where students can have free educational materials, learn, share ideas and connect with entrepreneurs around the world.

The upper sixth student says the ongoing crisis sparked the idea in him.
"I saw so many youths who were not going to school so i decided to build a place where educated students and youths could learn and share ideas”, Javis said.

Javis like many other students from the North West and South West regions of Cameroon havr also suffered from the crisis.
"I wanted to provide free education to all those who have not been going to school in a digital format”.

The young inventor says he started teaching himself with computer programming in 2018 and his interest was to see Africa go digital.

The Network app on Google play store

The Network app aims to provide free educative materials to everyone. So far, it has a good number of educational questions for sharing in and out of the platform and the inventor says he is working hard to get much learning materials to make it digital and available on other platforms.

It also provides a place where students can share ideas, learn and also connect with entrepreneurs to learn from them too. TN also keeps its users updated with current news.

Apart from the Learning aspects, Javis says, his app also have sites for fun.
“Learning without fun is boring so we have an entertainment tag for its users to share fun stuffs with each other”.

The young talent says he is not just best in developing apps but is also a website developer.
"I have develop lots of apps, paid websites for and personal desktop applications, The Network is my first application on play store and more will be coming up as time passes”.

Lack of resources, good working machines lack of funds and payment for hosting sites has been Javis’s major challenges.
"So far the only support I have gotten is encouraging words from family members and friends. People pay me to build websites for them and I make some for free depending on how much time it will cost me to build it”.

While Mbah Javis is pleading on the government and well wishers to help realise his dreams and talents, he equally begs on Cameroonian youths to be creative and don’t depend on the government alone.

“What I can tell youths like me is that we should not only rely on the government to do everything. Let’s work hard in creating new things that can solve the problems of our communities to improve our life’s and change the country”

“We should stay away from illegal and fraudulent activities like scamming because such things paint a bad image our country and Africa to the world”

The users can as well link their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to the platform so that other users can also connect with them, The Network is fast, easy, open for sharing ideas and learning.

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