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Top-notch MCs & Event Host in Bamenda

Though young as the entertainment industry may seem in the city of Bamenda which we now call "city of justice and peace", a good number of persons have emerged over time as superb masters of ceremonies and event host you will surely want to have at your wedding or public event.

They have earned respect for what they do over time and today they now have a track record of effective time management, comfort with large crowds and public speaking. They are easy going, good public speakers, accountable and responsible. It could be a costly venture to pick one of them for your event but it will not be a bad idea trying. You will surely not regret.

Marie Oben...

Marie Oben

She is the producer of the most successful and longest existing radio program in the North West Region of Cameroon over CRTV NW; Happy Birthday. She worked with late Kum Set Ewi with others in the production for many years before becoming producer and presenter herself. Marie Oben worked for several years with the Cameroon Postal Service CAMPOST but many know her for her media works and event hosting. Smart, beautiful, good speaker of the English language, authoritative and experienced, auntie Marie as many will call her is one person you will not regret having her as your MC. She masters the arts. Her smile is charming enough to keep everyone active and happy during your event. 

Bobe Jude Waindim... 

Bobe Jude Waindim

The language expert, administrator, teacher, consultant  and media pro is a household personality in the media landscape in the North West Region of Cameroon. Today working with the University of Bamenda, Jude Waindim has a strong English language vocabulary alone with exceptional delivery that makes him the best fit for an MC. With a good sense of humour, good looking and easy going, he captivates many each time he has to speak in public. Jude Waindim is in a class of his own when it comes to playing the MC or event host role. Bobe Waindim as he is traditionally known in his native Kom land, is a strong lover of culture and certainly will use this to give your event an exceptional touch. The grand nice! 

Jato Richard Tonga

Jato Richard Tonga

The Man with the golden voice. This is how his admirers have branded the tall and dark skin gentleman from  Ndu in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The great public speaker carries a personality that instill order when and wherever he is confered the duties of the Master of Ceremony. The current national public relations officer of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ, Regional Communication and alerts Secretary for the Cameroon Journalists'trade Union NW Chapter and broadcaster with radio Hot Cocoa in Bamenda, Jato Richard has over 500 weddings successfully done in his city and beyond. The member of the United Nations Pool of human rights reporters brings to every event a strong sense of equality of all and makes everyone feel comfortable. His refusal to take alcohol has been a plus for him as he keeps a level and stable head throughout every event. 

Wanchia Cynthia 

Wanchia Cynthia during a Sisterspeak event

Named in 2016 as the best sports reporter, Wanchia Cynthia is an orator of exceptional class. Beautiful and intelligent, Wanchia brings lots of light to every event she handles.  The Communication consultant  at MBOSCUDA and project lead for Sisterspeak237 all institutions that care for minorities, Wanchia comes to every event with uncommon love for minorities and persons with disabilities. The teacher of journalism,  national Secretary of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ and regional Secretary for Training and Observation for the Cameroon Journalists'trade Union NW, worker with the Guardian Post newspapers, Wanchia is a media celebrity with a touch to every event that only brings out its uniqueness. She will make you want to organise events over and over.

Muma Jude aka The Biggest

Muma Jude
The multiple award winner works for radio Hot Cocoa in Bamenda Cameroon. Muma Jude is a radio broadcaster like no other with unrivaled skills in animation, sports reporting and news anchor. He has build his uniqueness in his ability to sing or do playback during events with a strong sense of humour. From one event to the other almost on weekly bases, Muma is available and fun to be with. He keeps his audience alive and alert with innovative ideas. Muma Jude is one MC you will.want to have over and over. 

Fawah Agather M...

Fawah Agather

The former JMC girl is one of the fast growing female MCs in the city of Bamenda. With a good command of the English language, Fawah has transferred every event she is called to host to a huge celebration. Working for both broadcast and online media, Fawah  has constructed a bridge between the old and younger generations. She easily blends with every generation due to her high sense of maturity and good mastery of the microphone. Over Abakwa FM radio where she current works, Fawah Agather is loved and celebrated by all listeners and fans. She brings warmth to every event. You will surely want to have her do your event. 

Lohshie Eugene Velon

Loshie Eugene

Nice looking, clean with a special eye for good outfit, Lohshie Eugene is the one person you will surely want to have as MC for your event for more reasons than one. With a unique style, sense of humour and good command of the English language, the journalist and staff of the Socio Economic Empowerment of persons with disabilities SEEPD program of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS is at top level when given a free hand to plan and run things his way. Loved and admired for his commitment and determination to see things done, having Lohshie Eugene as part of your event team as MC is the best thing that happens to every event organiser.

Bakah Derrick...

Bakah Derrick

His physical presentation in terms of style is always unique and he connects with his audience perfectly well through the mastery of subject matter. His articulation is always on point.

Some people may see his his commitment to what he does as being proud but he knows exactly what he is doing.
Bakah has been in the profession for over 10years, handled over 300 weddings in and out of Bamenda as well as administrative events. The success of events he has handled will always let many recommend him for more events.

Bakah Derrick is the President Cameroon Journalists Trade Union, CJTU, Team Media of the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon, Communications Assistant  of Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA), founder and promoter of Hilltopvoices multimedia, Communications associate at FECAFOOT and he writes for Cameroon's lone English Language dialy newspaper, The Guardian Post. He is married and father of two.

Wango Barnabas...

Wango Barnabas

Ask me for one person who always carries a smile and I will call Wango Barnabas without a second thought. Administrative Assistant and Public Relations Officer at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS, Wango is a public speaker of no common compare. With his smile and well sized shirts and suits, Barna is the man you need for your microphone at all times. His unique baritone, good choice of words and fine sense of humour singles out the gentleman on a rank of his own. Though he enjoys being the organiser, Wango is one man who will do MC presentation and then guests get angry why he was not the MC himself. Clean and straight to the point, Barna can turn every gathering to a party. You will love him the day you try.

Ngeh Gerald...

Ngeh Gerald

Ngeh Gerald well known here by his artistic name Uche is a standup comedian, radio and TV broadcaster. With over 10years of radio comedy on Abakwa FM radio in Bamenda, Uche has earned himself respect amongst microphone commanders. With an adopted Igbo accent, Uche thrills his audience with a rich mix of Nigeria and Cameroon pidgin. With uncountable stage performances as a standup comedian for both local and national events, Uche has build a cluster of many who fancy comedy integrated  events MC and hosting. He will give you laughter for a long time with original and undiluted comedy. Check him out...

Culled from with additional inputs from Nji Nelson Chefor

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