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Absence of Office Kitchens: Food Hub Filling the Gap

Considering that daily office tasks are more and more becoming loaded coupled with the busy schedule of many people in their offices, there's is often little or no time to go out for lunch. With the near absence of western fast food in Cameroon and Buea in particular, Food Hub, created by young Cameroonian entrepreneur Jacob Arrey Obasi, has come to remedy the situation.

Changing the food trend in Cameroon has always been the desire of those involve in providing restaurant services to the public. 
Jacob Arrey Obasi is a food and beverage enthusiast who holds a bachelor's degree in English Common Law as well as a Diploma in Food Safety which he obtained from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and with over three years of food and beverage experience.

Jacob Arrey Obasi

Jacob Arrey Obasi created Food Hub with the vision to change the food trend in Cameroon and with the busy nature of our modern day life, Food Hub brings the western fast food trend to Cameroon.

Located at Molyko Buea (First branch), Food Hub offers contemporary fast foods like pizza, crispy chicken, grilled chicken, sandwiches, burgers and milkshakes.

If you are in Buea, South West region of Cameroon and want to have quality food, then visit Food Hub because it offers the very best of quality meals to her customers and also has amazing customer services.

At Food Hub, the customers are Partners. With the fast pace in the growth of the Food and beverage industry in Cameroon, customer service is still very much lacking. Food Hub gives their customers the experience and feeling of belonging which makes them stand out from others.

To the youths, Jacob Arrey Obasi enjoins them to break the chain where people think they can only survive by working for the government.
"Its a great blessing to be born at this epoch of internet explosion. Its a big opportunity for the youths to break that chain where people think you can only survive via working with the government. There are too many a resource available which enables you gets a dream you like and be more financially free. This is the time to think outside the box. Use the internet for the right purpose", Jacob Arrey Obasi told The Safeguard.

Call Food Hub Buea via 651695583 for your office and home delivery.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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