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Agriculture: The Success Story Of Nancy Nalova

In Cameroon, getting a job after leaving the university is always not all rosy. This is the case with Nancy Nalova, holder of a BSc in Geology and Environmental Sciences. She has decided to save herself from the huddles of searching for a job by creating and setting up what is today known as Brown's Farm.

Brown's Farm is situated at Bonduma gate, Chief street Buea and it is a commercial agribusiness with a goal of contributing to development and creating an impact in the community.
According to Nancy Nalova, CEO of Brown's Farm, the idea to set up the farm came after her graduation from the University of Buea in 2016.
"Considering the fact that I had to further my education in agriculture till PHD level and the need to help my parents take care of my siblings, I decided to put up a small poultry and piggery farm", Nancy said.

To her, she decided to extend the farm to include cultivation of garden crops. This extension was motivated by the waste dunk that came out from the poultry and piggery farm.
"As agriculture is evolving with new techniques, ideas and innovations coming up every day, organic farming came into the picture. That is why I decided to extend the farm", Nancy Nalova told The Safeguard.

Nancy Nalova in her poultry farm

Brown's Farm cultivates crops like tomatoes, cabbages, pepper, vegetables and green spices. To her, people cannot go a day without using any of the crops. The farm offers training, organizes seminars in partnership with some farmers around Cameroon. They also train others to transform some products such as tomatoes paste, ginger tea, wine, juice etc.

Get to Brown's Farm for your broilers (chicken meat), Turkey, pig, snails, tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, green species, cucumbers.

...One in a million

Nancy Nalova

In our society of today, it is difficult to see young girls engage themselves in agricultural activities. Many young girls today consider the field as a "dirty field". However, Nancy Nalova believes that's just a mentality many people had while growing up who regarded farming as a thing for the poor.
"The agricultural sector is one of the most amazing sectors ever, in there you know everything about what you eat and wear".

Nancy Nalova hails from the Bakweri tribe in the South West region of Cameroon. She was born in Douala where she grew up and completed her primary and secondary education in 2012 before moving to the University of Buea. She is a holder of a BSc in Geology and Environmental Sciences.

Food security is the today song worldwide but who are the young people promoting it? we need young people like her who understand the food chain for Agriculture to take the direction of business and not a way of life. Its time for young girls to take farming as a model for sustainable community development. She is an example of the young people that could lead tomorrow, she is a woman who can change for if we educate a woman we educate a nation.

You can get to them at their office situated at Bonduma gate, Chief street or place your orders online via their Facebook page, Agriculture the future, WhatsApp/Call +237 680749876

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. waoooo I like this. Please I will like to work with you. Am a student of the faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine UB.


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