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Entrepreneurship: A New Way of Life for Cameroonian Youth

Obviously disappointed with the over dependence on the public sector for employment, several Cameroon youth have now taken away their eyes from government jobs and have delved into job creation, a sector that is fast gaining prominence. Such is the case with Nyonguo Clement Toh. The 23-year-old entrepreneur, talent promoter, and manager of Cameroon's youngest rapper Kowan and musician Emrys.

In order to satisfy his several needs, the youngster is diversifying his resources. He owns and manages a food plaza in Bamenda known as CM Plaza. The plaza is named after him, CM - Clement.

Clement Toh, CEO CM Plaza

CM Food Plaza is an eatery and wine shop located at the entrance into Banja Street Nkwen mile 2.
"The idea of creating CM Food Plaza resulted from the quest to create sustainable wealth and also create an impact in my community", the vibrant Clement Toh told The Safeguard.

After enrolling into the university to study Economics and Management, Clement Toh later dropped out due to the change in his career priorities. His target is to shape and build entrepreneurial minds. As concerns Cameroon's 2035 goals, Clement Toh wishes to develop his community.
"All I can do now is to develop my community in my little way through entrepreneurship and the advice I can give every youth now is to stay true to their dreams and focus because that was the goal from the onset", Clement Toh said.

CM Food Plaza located at the entrance into Banja street Nkwen does home delivery on delicacies such as corn fufu, huckleberry and "khati - khati", Achu and yellow soup, fried rice and chicken and other African dishes.

Visit CM Plaza for your lunch, supper, and for your relaxation with friends and you won't regret you did.

For office and home delivery, contact CM Food Plaza via 654015830

By Mbehni Drusilla Nange

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