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Movie Premier: 'Full Moon' Movie Hits the Screen in Bamenda this September

Produced by filmmaker Irene Nengi, the movie Full Moon will be premiered in Bamenda on September 27, 2020 at the Epic Event Center, Ayaba Street Bamenda. Full moon is a master piece of art produced by Irene Nengi and directed by Chefor Leslie.

Produced up the hills at the outskirts of Foumban Town, the movie is a typical Muslim tradition story where a Muslim man gives out his girl child for marriage at birth.

The girl child grows up beyond strength of modernity in education just to cancel the ideology of bethroding  and ends up with  a christian boy.

Full moon teaches the essence of forgiveness and tells a story of how in a land where agriculture is the only source of sustainability,  the strive for unity between the Muslims and Christians is the only solution. 

So far, Full Moon has had three nominations already in international festivals in the category of best indigenous film,  best cinematography and best actor in a lead role during the first and second quarter of this year 2020.
The award  AFRICAN BEST ACTOR IN A LEAD ROLE by Mr Vugar Samson (Grand Pa) in the just ended TAFF (The African Film Festival).

Chefor Leslie, the producer of the movie is a post graduate teacher from the Higher Technical Teachers Training College of The University of Bamenda. He got into filmmaking after her high school education. Before becoming a producer, he was a production assistant, a boom operator. Chefor Leslie worked with Gadiltor Production where he was groomed as a filmmaker by Njimanju Deric and Njamnsi Roland.

Few years later, he became Director of Photography and Editing. He has directed movies like Ego, Moral Saga, Trip to Papa, Forsaken Desire, Birds of a Feather, and now Full Moon.

Asked what he wishes to achieve with this movie, Chefor Leslie says, he wants to bring back entertainment to Bamenda.
"The only thing I wish to achieve with this movie is to make the indigenes of this region enjoy the taste of what a good movie is and bring entertainment back in our city Bambili", he said.

The premier of this movie is slated to take place at the Epic Event Center Ayaba Street on September 27, 2020.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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