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Nutrition: Discovering Mimi's Local Food Shop

Located at Marche Dacat, Ndokoti – Douala, Mimi's Local Food Shop is owned by Cameroonian born Angwere Miranda also known as La Mirage. La Mirage is an Accountant, a Business woman, Humanitarian & and a social worker. Apart from Mimi's Local Food Shop being another source of income to her, she is a lover of time saving and stress free cooking.

As youths continue to battle unemployment and enage themselves in entrepreneurial activities, another young lady, Angwere Miranda is up with another business venture different from others.
Mimi's Local Food Shop, the shop is purely a Cameroonian organic food shop, selling a wide range of fresh and dried foodstuffs, meat and sea food and all local food seasonings.

All the products at Mimi's Local Food Shop are processed under hygienic conditions. The local food shop supplies farm harvests in packs and saves kitchen time.


Dried Bitter leaf (Ndole),Dried Okongobong, Dried Eru, Dried Cocoyam leaves & Flower (Black Soup), Dried Garden Egg, Cassava Flour, Plantain Flour, Rice Flour, Fulere, Dried Pumpkin leaves, Soya Beans Milk, Dried Okra and more.

Fresh Foods ranging from...

Fresh Ndole, Fresh Okongobong, Ground Okra, Cow Skin, Smoked Meat, Finely sliced Carot & Green beans, Fresh Pap, Pre cooked Njama Njama, Ground Meat and Fresh Snails.

The shop also supply all Cameroonian seasonings/Spices, all ground and ready to cook, local Cameroonian snacks and more.
"I know they're many people out there who because of their very busy schedules will choose to also save time and energy while making home food, so in this light we have decided to bring the market to them with our easy to cook foodstuffs and seasonings", Angwere Miranda, CEO of the shop said.

Mimi's Local Food Shop does home delivery, all around Douala, nationwide and worldwide with delivery cost on client.
Contact 678684388, 654449730, 674393394

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. It's really a remarkable setup,self employment should continue to be the focus of youths


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