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North West ShowBiz: Artists Gain Spotlight at CAMACA Award

The work of arts and humanitarian services of many individuals and groups in Cameroon sometimes go by without being recognized or brought to the limelight. It is for this reason that Camraise Academy Awards, CAMACA, recognized the works of 38 individuals and groups in a colorful ceremony Sunday August 31, 2020 in Bamenda.

Created in 2013, Camraise Academy went operational in 2017 when the academy organized her first music program known as Camraise Music show, CAMUSH, a platform for artist to showcase their work of arts and communion with their fans once in every three months.

For three years now, the Academy has organized 8 editions of its music show, CAMUSH and has been able to raise a lot of artists who have passed through the program.
Prominent amongst the artists are; Vernyuy Tina, Spirit T, Francis slo, Rappinem, Savji Damji, Orelia, Rash Montana, Karen, Black Fame, Radad, yufewo, Halidu slim, T Brown, Mr Fon and many others. These artists have been able to mount the platform created by Camraise Academy.

Musical Performance at CAMACA Awards

In August 2019, the Academy organized the first edition of the Camraise Academy Awards, CAMACA, during which 25 categories in Music and movies were recognized. The success of the first edition and popular demand motivated the organizers to step up the categories from 25 to 38 this year.

The main brain behind the Academy is Chutio Arnaud Kouamo, who says he is motivated to organize such events in Bamenda because of the fact that Bamenda remains the center of arts and culture in Cameroon.
"The truth is that, Bamenda is the centre of where we have real talent. We have the duty to develop these talents here in Bamenda, so that the entertainment industry in Bamenda can be a refrain in Cameroon. Unfortunately because we lack the platforms like this to encourage these artists, most of them want to leave the town to where they think arts can be valued", Chutio Arnaud Kouamo told The Safeguard.

Chutio Arnaud talking to the public at CAMACA Awards 2020

He adds that, If they can take their arts seriously and stay away from malpractices like drug intake, then they can be proud of their work in the nearest future. “Our greatest problem now in Bamenda is that artists lack where to express themselves, some of us have to sacrifice the little we have just to create platforms like this so as to keep the industry going in Bamenda", He advised.

For the North West region to remain a reference point in music in Cameroon, Chutio Arnaud Kouamo enjoined the elite and others from the Region to think about those who will take over them and encourage them to mobilize resources so that the North West Region should at least boast of an Event center, where artists can access it at anytime. To him, if such a goal of a cultural center is achieved in Bamenda, the town will have a different face.

Some winners of this year's edition of CAMACA expressed their joy after receiving the awards. Witty Minstrel winner of the Best Male artist with the trending song "Be proud" said that this was his very first Awards and its significant to him because its coming from hometown.

Forbang Harmony and Ngala Emmanuella both clapped for CAMACA for choosing them as the best Male and Female runway models respectively.

Forbang Harmony (middle) Best Male Runway Model

To grease this year's edition musical and dance performances from renowned artists in Bamenda gave a different touch to the event. CAMACA 2020 is now History but preparation for CAMACA 2021 has started.

Below is the full list of winners of this year's edition.

Best short film: Something to lost by Nchimi Justin.

Best indigenous movie: Back to my roots, By Nsoh Neh Zenobia

Best supporting Actor: Azuhni Elvis, Trip to Papa

Best Cinematographer: Lumiere sembene, Trip to Papa.

Best feature movie: The Testament By Tikum Titus Akuro

Best Actor: Vugah Samson, The movie Ngeh

Best Actress: Mbah Nancy, The Testament

Best movie director: Tikum Titus Akuro, The Testament

Best Emerging Filmmaker: Manish Lyonga, Ngeh

Best movie editor: Emmanuel Afeseh, Kanjo Series

Best screenplay: Tikum Titus Akuro, The Testament

Best make up Artist: Frinue Carine, Kanjo Series

Best Male Artist: Wetty Minstrel

Best female artist: Vernyuy Tina

Best Gospel artist: Maureen Forbah

Best Video Director: Nel Kamga

Best video clip: Black Magic by Frankish

Best music producer: MCCOY TWAP

Revelation: Savji Damji

Best emerging music group: Unique Stormers

Best emerging Gospel artist: Nfor Paul

Best Dance Crew: D4D

Best event host: Elfri-Neat

Best comedian: Da Comic

Best Graphic Designer: Dominguez Arts

Best Fashion House: Randy Cool Fashion House

Best photoshoot: Louis Etaba

Best Female runway model: Ngala Emmanuella

Best Male runway model: Forbang Harmony (Hamzi)

Full list of Special recognition of individuals and organizations

Ndi Tsembom Elvis
Fokumlah Magloire Babila
Muma Jude
Atangche Zita
Mbuh Stella
Obah Rose
August shots
Beacon of Light Association - BeLA

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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