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Saving mother earth: 26-year-old Basil transforming waste to cooking fuels

Chia Basil with a biogas tank

26-year-old Chia Basil Ambang who hails from Bafmeng, Fungom Subdivision, Menchum Division, North West region of Cameroon has begun making strides in waste management and valorization in his community. The young 'engineer' has produced biogas from human waste, cow dung and kitchen waste.

The introduction of Electronics, Environmental and Energy Resources into the Physics syllabus in 2015 catalyzed Basil's creativity.

The initiative to get into the production according to this young Cameroonian started in 2017 when he began his research in biogas production where he was converting plastics into diesel.

Since Basil started producing the biogas, he has done three of them so far.
"I have produced three of them and they are still functioning properly. We use them in our house and I haven't sold any", Basil told The Safeguard.
Biogas can be using to generate electricity, for heating and can also be used to fuel vehicles when purified.

Chia Basil with a complete biogas

To build a complete and sustainable biogas for house use, he makes use of cow dung, human feces, pipes, biogas plate and a digester.
"I am now capable of building a biogas that is directly connected to the toilet and buying of gas will be history", he said.

"It will cost about 150.000FCFA to set up a portable biogas and all I need is the digester, gas analyser and biogas electric generator".
Chia Basil attests that, he can also transform waste plastics into diesel, pavements and roofing sheets, and all these need high machinery.
"I need a laboratory to test some of my works and laws. This is to make sure that what I produce is good for human use, Basil stated.

The young environmentalist and engineer says climate change affects everyone, reason why he is begging for support from everyone to help him realize some of his projects and engage Cameroonian youths into the initiative.

Cameroon is Africa in miniature, all the resources are there, we just need to put everything together and develop our country. We can make Cameroon the greenest country in Africa and why not the world.

The young environmentalists and engineer says he is willing to train more youths in the production process and he is willing to sell some of the biogas at affordable prices.

Biogas is a mixture of gases formed from the anaerobic decomposition of biodegradable matter with it's main composition being methane. According to UN statistics on climate change, Biogas contributes about 24%  of the greenhouse gases when allowed to escape to the atmosphere.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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