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Demystifying Dreadlocks: Azinwi Naomi setting the standards

Dreadlocks have become very popular in our society. While there are several reasons people wear them, there are also some bizarre beliefs about them.

From the corporate world to the basketball court and everywhere in between, more and more people can be seen wearing dreadlocks. Although they have existed since ancient times, it is only in recent years that they have become socially acceptable among diverse groups of people.

As this style has evolved, new techniques have developed to start the process. The most traditional methods of starting dreadlocks are two-strand twisting or palm rolling individual sections of hair. Over a period of time, depending on the texture of the individual’s hair, the sections will lock, creating a rope-like effect. As with any hairstyle, wearing dreadlocks is an individual choice.

In Cameroon today, wearing of dreadlocks is gradually becoming popular. One of those who makes a living out of the production of dreadlocks is 29-year-old Azinwi Naomi.

Azinwi Naomi, CEO of Naomi's Dread Home

Azinwi Naomi is the CEO of what has grown to be known as Naomi's Dread Home. Known to be talented and fast rising, Naomi is a self taught loctician based in Douala, she can work on command from all parts of the world. Naomi's Dread Home is a dreadlocks saloon for both male and female of all age groups.

Quizzed to know why she ventured into the dreadlocks business, she said it's for the love and passion coupled with the need to provide for herself.
"My love for dreadlocks, providing for myself and working for the community made me to do this and also because this hairstyle was on fashion", Azinwi told The Safeguard.

Naomi's Dread Home started in 2018 at the Fish Pond Hill in Bamenda and due to the crisis rocking the North West region, Azinwi Naomi decided to move the business to Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

Naomi's Dread Home offers the following services to the public;
- Starter locs
- Locs maintenance
- Locs Styling
- Locs coloring
- Handcrafting of dread mesh
- Installation of all kinds of dread mesh
- Whole sale and retail of handcrafted dread mesh extensions
- Comb twist
- Other saloon services.

Apart from being a professional loctician, Azinwi Naomi is also a growing professional barber who wants to make the best out of the worst situation and trying to give the best.

Her desire to put a smile on the faces of her two kids and on people's faces has always kept her with the burning desire to make it in life. This has made me to hussle non stop and to stay focused and not to be ashamed of her work.
To the youth, Azinwi Naomi encouraged them to rather ask what they have done for their country.
"The youth need to know that the government can never employ everybody and rather than persistently blaming the government, why not ask yourself what you can do to help yourself and your community. We should be proud with our hussle and at times we have to work like we have never seen the four walls of a secondary school so as to make it . There are so many youths with hidden talents which needs to be nurtured but all they do it to wait for white collar jobs", she said.

Azinwi Naomi hails from Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon. She is a holder of a Teacher's Grade One certificate, a Diploma in Special Education and a degree in Social work from the Pan African Institute for Development in West Africa and a mother of two.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. Thank you so.much for this exposure am grateful

  2. Wow so proud of you baby when I look back I cry for you but when I look front the future is brighter and I smile for you more Grace baby


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