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Environmental Cleaning: Pathway to Industrialization

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Heavy metals are one of the most dangerous groups of biologically important pollutants. The burden of the environment puts more significant burden on populations and ecosystems. They form an integral part of the earth’s surface and therefore are present throughout the land. We can utter that, contamination of the environment and its consequences for living organisms have long been in forefront of the interest in scientific as well as lay community.

In Cameroon today, youth have taken up initiatives and business ventures to make use of these metals that can damage the environment. One of them is Foncha Rajou popularly known as Rajounash, CEO at Raj Engineering Services that has as motto, Inspire the next. Raj Engineering Services workshop is situated at Etoudi Yaounde.

Foncha Rajou hails from Nsongwa, a village in the Mezam Division of Cameroon. He is a sheet metal engineer who did his secondary School education at Government Technical High School Bamenda before enrolling at the Limbe Advanced Vocational Training Centre where he graduated and later created Raj Engineering Services.

The young Foncha Rajou and his engineering service has a passion in forging and reverting designs with all kinds of metals which are a combination of his skills in the iron and steel industry.

Raj Engineering Services is engaged in the fabrication and maintainance of metallic structures. He brings to reality virtually anything metallic or any metallic idea. They fabricate food processing machines, steel construction buldings, truck carriages, porch roofs, petroleum tankers and tanks, petroleum roofs, metallic doors and windows and host of other mettalic equipments.
Foncha Rajou says he got inspired to be a sheet metal engineer because of the lapses he saw while growing up.

Barbecue Machine

"What inspired me in choosing welding and metallic fabrication as a trade is that, while growing up, I saw the lacking day to day needs of a sheet metallist, like in the fabrication of farm tools and also the fabrication of machines to process farm produce", Foncha Rajou told The Safeguard.

"I also saw some of the challenges my dad was facing as a welder and took upon myself to be a sheet metal engineer to overcome and bring a lot of innovation in the field of welding and metallic fabrication", he added.

So far, the young entrepreneur from Nsongwa has a lot of machines and equipments which he has produced. Amongst them are bricks molding machines, food processing machines, weight lifting cranes for construction sites, tankers and petroleum tanks, wood spliding machines, concrete mixers and a host of other machines. He also does ship building, maintenance and repairs.

Barbecue Machine produced by Foncha Rajou

With his knowledge on technical education and need to be diversified, Foncha Rajou is also a domestic electrician, a steel bender and a farmer.

To the young people,Foncha Rajou advices them to embrace a trade and put value to it.
"Our country is lacking in the domain of engineering and I believe we can be that generation to bring about the change we are craving for. Choose a trade, invest time, focus and be the master of your trade", Foncha Rajou said.

"At Raj engineering services, our motto is Inspire the next. So I use my job as a source of inspiration to others", he concluded.

Global environmental contamination is one of the most significant environmental problems in contemporary society.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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