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Smudge, growing novelty arts in Cameroon

The beauty of every work of arts depends on the manner in which it is done and the type of painting used. There exist many people today in Cameroon who have engaged themselves in painting but rarely are female artists.

The quality of the work you do also depends on the type of arts. Smudge painting is a unique rare type of painting done by 21-year-old Teboh Sonia Esoh who is the CEO of Doxa Arts.

Teboh Sonia Esoh, CEO Doxa Arts

Doxa Arts is a firm that deals with smudge painting that can be printed for several exterior uses.

This type of painting is an art technique where some parts of a photo are smudged in a special way to create an image that looks like a paint. Smudge painting is also known as digital painting or numerical painting.

The soft copy can be printed on banners, roll-ups, board frames, glass frames, flyers, invitation cards, business cards, posters, booklets, calendars, billboards and t-shirts depending on the client and his or her conception. It’s mostly preferred on board and glass frames.

Smudge paint is one of the rarest and reliable paints in the painting domain. It is realistic because it uses the original picture (soft copy) as a stencil. Smudge paints are beneficial because of it's wet and dry cleaning is permitted, It has a guarantee of 15years, It last longer without depreciation.

Smudge Painting of Samuel Eto'o Fils done by Doxa Arts

Being a rare field to find women in, Teboh Sonia Esoh says her admiration for painting brought her to this level.
"What prompted me to engage myself in painting was the admiration I had for it. So I came across an organisation in Nigeria who were offering training on smudge painting/digital painting. So I got to them and did the necessities and thereafter, I got trained online", the phenomenal Teboh Sonia Esoh told The Safeguard.

Smudge Painting of Nigerian Singer, Chidima, done by Doxa Arts

To her, God has been her source of inspiration since day one and things have been moving without any major problem.

To the young people, Teboh Sonia Esoh has this message for you.
"Entrepreneurship is leading the grounds today. Most entrepreneurs are richer than government workers. We can do anything we want to do by determination no matter our sex. So please wakeup", she said.

Apart from being CEO of Doxa Arts, Teboh Sonia is a tuitor and she is currently a Masters 1 student of English Modern Letters in the University of Yaounde 1.

21-year-old Teboh Sonia Esoh hails from the North West region precisely from Batibo, Mbunjei. She is the first born of a family of 6 children.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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  1. Wowwwwwww cool coming from a lady and the paints are aww inspiring. Keep the good work CEO. I am a proof of the satisfaction from you magnificent piece of arts. 😊😊😊


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