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Surviving Unemployment: The Success Story of Anyangha Veronica

The recurrent issue in Cameroon has remained unemployment especially amongst youth and university graduates who keep on flooding the various offices with job applications. Most often, the few available spots cannot employ the thousands that always apply. This leaves many unemployed, yet only a few of these youth venture into startups that can give them self employment and eventual financial freedom.

One person that has decided to shy away from the majority of job seekers and now has ventured into an activity that is generating income is Anyangha veronica. She has decided to try her hand in providing home services to clients who are often busy or carried away but work so much so that they have no time to take care of their homes.

Considering that most people will like to eat home-made food, have their wardrobe well arranged, has remained a challenge to most people who are not lucky to have a resident domestic servant. This is a gap Anyangha Veronica, has been filling as a career.

Anyangha Veronica doing laundry at a client's residence

The 25-year-old young lady who hails from the North West region has been offering home services like cooking, laundry services, home cleaning, ironing and packing in Yaoundé now for some time, with distance not posing as a challenge. With just a phone call, you benefit from her services right away.

According to Anyangha veronica, growing up as an orphan, life has not been rosy. “Life has been difficult for me since I left school. I filed in applications for many job vacancies and was not able to get any. i had to think of an idea that will help cater for my needs and my siblings and something that will offer jobs to other job seekers tomorrow. I came up with this idea of home service delivery and I have been doing now for some time. My greatest challenge so far is that I do not have many people calling me for my services” she said.

Veronica's strive to make ends meet as a home service provider has not been a bed of roses. She says what keeps her is her motor, "Customers satisfaction, my priority.Not every customer welcomes you to his or her home with a smile. some see you as an intruder, some see you as a competitor and the like, but in my mind, I’m determine to do my job well and I make sure by the time I’m leaving, the customer is satisfied” she added.

The venture of Veronica is fast gaining attention by the public. She has now set up a branch in Bamenda; her home region which she is optimistic will put a smile on the face of many.

Many are those who frown at ladies who venture into prostitution and many societal ills but here is a lady who believes in job creation, and self employment. Just a call through to her for her services will be a step in encouraging many ladies who will want easy money without sweat.

You can get to her via the following numbers:
Yaoundé: 676306495/675752891
Bamenda; 672444110

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  1. Waaaooooooo what an industrious lady her services are just d best especially the cooking side of it she cooks so well she's equally a food and nutritionist

    1. Thanks so much dear sister. I know you are a witness to all I do and I promise to give in my best in all.

  2. Woooow courage my dear Friend. That's creativity ahead dear for sure your company will grow bigger just keep the Faith. We are together

  3. Senior Vero was one of bigs in secondary school, very hard-working. She's good and I believe she will go far

  4. Congratulations hun keep up tye sky is your limit

  5. Yes ohhhh as many will call her Pharo-pharo or Vero, yes I'm a living testimoney of her hand and hard work. I won't talk much but just call her up and you won't regret it trust me. Keep it up girl you will go far

  6. Thanks to h all trusting and believing in me. I will give you just the best.


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