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Water Crisis in Bambili: Nkengnui Bless comes to students' rescue

It is no longer news that students resident in Bambili, host of The University of Bamenda have been suffering from prolonged water crisis.

These students go for months without the precious liquid flowing from their taps.

This phenomenon is the reason Nkengnui Bless has decided to start a battle of his own against the situation.

He told that, as an indigene of Bambili, he had to do something to foster development in his community, Bambili.

" encourage the development since I am also a child from Bambili, I could not allow such development to leave my area because of water..."

According to Bless, founder of what he terms Creyateur & Co., after seeing what students go through to get water, he decided to contribute his quota to solving community problem.

" I just looked around and saw how students were stranded. I thought of how to solve the problem and the only way I could help was carrying and supplying water to the students", Nkengnui Bless said.

Bless, with the help of 20 litres containers goes into the village and get water from streams. The water is mostly used by students to carry out laundry, flushing their toilet amongst other chores.

Although it is a humanitarian gesture, Bless doesn't do it for free.

"I don't do it for free because I  l use my bike that needs fuel. Payment is according to the distance and quantity of water", he said.

Year in year out, water has been a major crisis in Bambili with students and the population going for weeks and even months without water. Some even trek for long distances just to get water.

Bambili, is found in Tubah subdivision of the North West region of Cameroon and it is host to the University of Bamenda. This means that it has a huge population and a better water supply system is required.

In a post on their Facebook page on July 9, 2020, the Mayor of the Tubah council led an eight man delegation including the representative of the regional delegate of energy and water resources to identify water sources that will be supplying potable water to the entire Bambili community in particular and Tubah subdivision in general.

By Amabo Chris

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