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FASHION: LK Creates One Stop Fashion Shop

Fashion trends are increasingly engulfing the society today. Many are now actors in the business while many have remain confused on how to catch up with this fast moving train of fashion.

The strive to look good nowadays in Bamenda has become a thing of pride especially amongst teenagers or young person and they always love to look good. Searching for a place to do that is now a thing of the past.

27-year-old Fabrice hails from Batibo, Momo Division, North West region of Cameroon. He is a holder of a Bachelor's degree in Transport and Logistics from The University of Bamenda.
Nanjoh Fabrice began nursing his dream about creating a business empire five years ago since he has a great passion for styling dresses, hair and photography.
"I had a dream and am trying to realize it. A dream where someone was getting married and I made their clothes, shaved the groom, bride and the maids and plaited their hair, did their make-up, decor, took pictures and video of the event all under my empire. So I have been working on that dream since then I guess it's my motivation", Nanjoh Fabrice told The Safeguard.

Photography and Fashion section

Luxurious Knowledge, LK the Stylist Barbershop is unique and different from others.
LK meaning Luxurious Knowledge, offers services such as sewing of dresses, shaving, leg scrub, facials, make-up, nails, face treatment and dreadlocks. They also offer home services such as home massage.

LK the Stylist Barbershop also does photography, video coverage, decor amongst others. LK is situated at the Bamenda commercial Avenue  at the Ben Nkwenti building opposite laking’s textiles.

LK designs

To Nanjoh Fabrice, what makes them different is the time and seriousness they put in their work and the love they have for the work they do for their customers.

As a young entrepreneur making his strides already, Nanjoh Fabrice says there are many opportunities out there for youth to exploit.
"For the youth out there, I will say there are many opportunities for them to exploit and they will never know how profitable it is unless they take the first step, the future is pregnant", he said.

Visit LK the Stylist Babershop situated at the Bamenda commercial Avenue, at the Ben Nkwenti building opposite laking’s textiles and you won't regret you did.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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