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You want to look appealingly adorable yet with a low budget? "Charifa Republic Beauty salon and Spa" is at your doorstep, the most affordable beauty house in Bamenda is at the service of males and females. The unisex saloon and spa is operational to satisfy a crisis hit people who want to stay on the beauty lane even with little dime.

Charifa Republic Beauty salon and Spa transforms human appearance to the loveliest looks thanks to an available variety of aesthetic offers. They include body soaks, body steam, massage, body scrub/body polish/ dermal infusion/ bactials, skin consultation and sale of skin products, dermarolling, vagina steaming, hair removal, teeth whitening, barbing, beauty salon/ make up bar and mail lounge, chemical peels, hair colouring, manicure, pedicure, body scrub and lots more.

Charifa Republic Beauty Salon and Spa together with its products, services and staff were presented to the public Saturday May 22, 2021 at the grand launching ceremony of it's second branch at Chantal Biya Foundation junction opposite antenne, New GRA - Upstation. The other branch of Charifa is situated at Miss Ngeng Junction opposite Lafon's building along Cow Street Nkwen Bamenda.

In addition to the professional beauty salon of Charifa, the spa unveiled to the public was amazing to the sight of potential customers who answered present at the launching ceremony. Coming as the first and only spa that exists in Bamenda, customers could be seen going round sniffing and gazing every ounce of the spa which is a section of the beauty industry that caters for beauty, health & wellness technical needs like colour enhancements, massages, treatments, baths, body contouring etc.

Clients found fun savouring services at the salon and spa.

After a shave at Charifa, Dj Mark le pro said "I came here for the launching and fortunately I did my hair. The hair cut and massaging felt good and I love it. I will really like to many more times here because special ointments were applied on my hair. And even though I came just to shave I had a soothing massage on the banks of my head. So I was waoowed that the massage is part of shaving which was just for 2000FCFA"

Kimma Ernestine who did her manicure said "their services makes one feel super. You can see that I am cute and soft, and the customer care too is fine. They are welcoming and they use products which are of top quality I must say"

Asked on the idea behind the beauty salon and spa, It's founder Aliyu Charifa who is an aesthetician stated that "My aim behind creating this company was to carter for the needs of the regular African woman who doesn't feel confident in her skin because she feels like she's lacking in one thing or the other. I want any African woman to feel free in what you want. If you want to be fairer than you are, I want to you to feel confident. If you want to have more ass, more breast or less, any part of your body that you are not confident with, we are at your service"

She went further to talk about specific considerations with regards to the setting where the salon and spa operates "Our services are very affordable. Before opening it in Bamenda we evaluated the economic situation in Bamenda together with what is going on in the crisis so we taught we should be more affordable. So we offer thesame quality of services like any other city, any other services in the world but we are more affordable"

Charifa Republic Beauty Salon and Spa comes to satisfy the quest of beauty lovers who want to be ever flawlessly glowing with health and wellness.

In addition to health and wellness, Charifa Republic has a humanitarian arm, Charifa Republic Charity Hand, which responds to needs of vulnerable persons; women, girls, children, persons living with disabilities, Internally Displaced Persons, etc. Before her creation, the team started carrying out humanitarian projects since 2015, though operating without a location. The charity arm has reached out to more than 400 beneficiaries in hospitals, schools, prisons, orphanages, disability centers and so forth.

In addition, Charifa Republic Beauty Salon and Spa also launched her organic skincare line, FLAWLESS skin, in November 2020 alongside the charity arm. As of now, at least 1645 samples have been sold worldwide and used by customers who have testified the genuineness and efficiency of the products that use natural resources to keep people’s skin healthy.

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