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UBa: Bamnjo Herman Defends first ever Phd Thesis in the Faculty of Law and Political Science

The first ever Phd thesis has been defended in the Faculty of Law and Political Science of The University of Bamenda, UBa by Bamnjo Herman Yenika.

He successfully defended a PhD thesis titled Regional Intergration, Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution at the Amphi 340 in the UBa campus, Friday June 25,2021.

During the exercise that lasted about two hours, Bamnjo Herman, now Doctor did a comparative study of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS).

Dr.Bamnjo explained that, ECOWAS has intervened in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone bringing the wars there to an end whereas ECCAS is yet to register such an achievement.

He went further to say that, despite the presence of these two giant blogs on the African continent, many parts of Africa are yet to savour the kind of peace they would have loved to because conflicts are still the order of the day in the continent.

He added that, for Africa to enjoy sustainable peace, the Civil Society should be brought onboard in peace buiding processes because they are closer to the people, know the terrain where the conflicts are taking place and know the context.

He cited the contributions made by religious authorities among others to end wars in Liberia and Sierra leone.

In the context of the socio political crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, he said, as far as conflict resolution is concerned, many steps have been skipped.

"We have gone through negociation, but we have skipped mediation, we have gone ahead to start talking about humanitarian. So i think that if there is need for those two to look at the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of the country, we must be able to follow the stages involved in conflict resolution,we should not skip from meditation to may be commission of inquiry because we already have a commission talking about rebuilding the destroyed regions. We should think about negotiation, mediation and try to resolve this crisis," Dr. Bamnjo said.

Before becoming Doctor, Bamnjo Herman has been a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Development Studies and a lecturer in the faculty of Law and Political Science of The University of Bamenda, UBa.

The President of the jury was Prof. Zalie Joseph Ebi of UBa, the Examiner was Prof. Nsoh Christopher, Rapporteur 1 Prof. Cheo Victor Ngu, Rapporteur II, Prof. Moye Godwin.

By Dingana Raymond

Photo Credit: Amabo Chris Abonwi, UBa.

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  1. Congrats Dr. Bamnjo Herman. It's indeed a pleasure that UBa is filled with joy.

  2. Congrats Dr Bamnjo.

    I'm quite impressed with your approach to conflict management.


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