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Cameroon: Student Invents Fruits, Vegetable Dehydrator

Kengran Liza Vernyuy, a fourth year student of the University of Bamenda's College of Technology (COLTECH), department of Agricultural Engineering has invented a machine which dehydrates fruits and vegetables within a short period of time.

KENS F&V Dehydrator Machine

The inventor explained that the Fruit and Vegetables Dehydrator uses electrical energy with heat source supplied by heating coils.

Kengran added that the fruits are placed on the trays found in the Dehydrator machine and the switch is turned on.

Kengran Liza in the workshop

The thermostat is used to regulate temperature in the drying chamber with temperatures of 70 degrees celcius.

Having named her invention as KENS F&V Dehydrator, Kengran, says her inspiration comes from the increasing losses incurred by farmers and vendors of fruits and vegetables annually.

She added that the creation is also to help solve the problem of traditional way of sun drying of fruits and vegetables which takes days and sometimes weeks with risk of contamination.

KENS F&V Dehydrator Machine

Harping further on the advantage of the machine, Kengran said: "the dehydrator dries fruits and vegetables and increases their shelf life to 12 months and above if stored in airtight containers".

"It enables fruits to be served in different flavors and it consumes 480FCFA electricity in 10hours," the young UBa inventor added.

Kengran can be reached for those in need of the machine via Email:
Facebook: Lizza vernyuy
Tel: +237650815198

The daughter of Nso in Bui Division in Cameroon's North West region looks forward to do more in the world of tech. 

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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