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Entertainment: Meet Noelly-Thelma, Bamenda's Unique Glow MC

Ngwene Noelly-Thelma

Though young as the entertainment industry may seem in the city of Bamenda, a good number of persons have emerged over time as superb masters of ceremonies and event hosts you will surely want to have at your wedding or public event.

When we talk of MCs and event hosts in Bamenda, you will hear names like Bakah Derrick, Muma Jude, Wanchia Cynthia, Lohshie Eugene, Jato Richard, Ngeh Gerald aka Uche, Ngia Ndoh Potatoes, Randy King and many others.

Recently, youths have taken interest in being MCs. This is the case with 21-year-old Ngwene Noelly Thelma, an undergraduate student of the University of Bamenda, Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication and Development Studies. She is today one of the youngest MCs the city of Bamenda can boast of.

“I came about MCing events after I attended the Unique Coaching Institute (UCI), an online school that trains Masters of Ceremonies.

Not all who come out of this school have the opportunity to be MCs. I am one today because I committed myself to it and also because I have the passion for the Microphone”, Thelma told The Safeguard.

Thelma says her first event to be hired as an MC was a birthday party she Co MCeed.

‘’I felt so frightened at first…I was like...I know I'm trying to build an MC carrier, but I'm not yet ready. However, I said to myself; I will try my best and trust me it was not bad”.

Ngwene Noelly-Thelma on stage at an event

Ngwene Noelly Thelma goes by the brand name "Unique Glow". she says she came up with the name because she feels that everyone is special and is unique in his or her way.

To Thelma, hiring her for an event is proof that she has something to offer and she is conscious that she has to add something unique to each event she is called to MC.

Noelly-Thelma thrilling guests at an event

The 21-year-old says at her age, the greatest challenge she has is the type of faces she sees at events which sometimes makes her feel intimidated.

"They are like she can’t do it but at the end of the day I always shock them. So it’s not all about age but about your ability and the content you can give out”, she said.

Ngwene Noelly-Thelma says the greatest events she has mounted the stage on as MC are; a corporate event that had so many organizations and high ranking personalities, an engagement party and a court wedding reception. 
She says many of the participants celebrated her performance at the end of the events such that some booked her for other events on the spot. 

“I end up networking with others while others ask me out on dates.  However, I can't just date them because I have attended an event and they have asked me out. Though I admit It’s a small world and I am a lady and never can tell where I will find my man." She joked. "My resolve is not to mix business with pleasure”, the talented lady told The Safeguard.

The student Journalist, development communicator and radio presenter is not only MCing events to finance her education, she also fries chips, makes doughnuts and sells to her mates, as well as supplies to institutions and homes.

By Nji Nelson Chefor and Neba Jerome Ambe

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