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Invention: Cameroonian Student Invents Peanut Coating Machine

Kwe Julliete working on the Peanut Coating Machine

Kwe Julliete Ngwankfu, a fourth year student of the College of Technology (COLTECH), department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon has invented a Peanut Coating Machine to ease the production of peanut burger, commonly referred to as peanuts.

Having named her invention, Juzzy Pappus Peanuts Coating Machine, Juliette says she got inspired from the knowledge she obtained from COLTECH.
Juzzy comes from her name Julliete, and Pappus, a nickname from her secondary school Further Maths teacher, after she successfully solved an equation using the Pappus theory.

According to Kwe Julliete Ngwankfu, the peanuts coating machine is easy to use.

"You plug the machine on the distributor, turn the switch on and it starts rotating. You then feed in groundnuts, the machine rotates the groundnuts alone while you stand beside it adding coating ingredients and flour", explained Julliete to The Safeguard.

As to why she decided to manufacture and produce this machine, Kwe Julliete disclosed that since gaining admission into The University of Bamenda, selling peanuts has been a source of income to her and demand was high.

"I gained so many customers along the line in and out of Bamenda but the tedious work required in it's production could not permit me meet up with the demand", she noted.

"Also, due to the fact that many students do this as a source of income, this is what inspired me to construct a machine that will reduce the drudgery and constraints involved in doing this snack", Julliete added.

The Juzzy Pappus Machine

Peanut is a well-known snack in Bamenda, Cameroon and other parts of the country.

The Peanut Coating Machine will henceforth facilitate the production of peanuts for commercial purposes.

Contact Kwe Julliete Ngwankfu via the following means to order for the machine:
Tel: +237681793254
Facebook: Kwe Juzzy pappus
IG:Kwe Juzzy

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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