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Meet the youngest Music Producer in Cameroon, working for WON NSAI STUDIO

Rex Victor Mbinkar

His name is Rex Victor Mbinkar known artistically as Rex. He is 18-years old and hails from Nso. He started learning music in Nigeria and when he moved to Cameroon, he escaped from their family house and spent time in a music studio in around their compound in Bamenda. His dad was not comfortable with him and he moved down to Buea where he has been producing beats for many artists as well as songs. He produced songs for artists in Buea like Emcee and Sun Mickey.

Because of the quality of music he produced, WON NSAI STUDIO immediately employed him to champion the production of music in their studio in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Rex has been outstanding in producing upcoming artists and his creativity in music production as well as output is unimaginable. He already produces sounds of international standards.

Rex uses most of his free time on the internet connecting with producers in world class music studios to get more knowledge that can help him perfect his arts.

Apart from music production, the young music producer is a web designer with skills in building web sites and working with applications for different devices.

Rex Victor Mbinkar believes he will get to the top one day and open a music school.

"I am working harder to always give the best to any artist who comes for my services. My dream is to reach a stage where I can open a music school to train the best sound engineers who can produce the best music for Cameroonian artists and beyond”, Rex said.

Before joining WON NSAI STUDIO, the young Rex had been confronted by many challenges in the music career.

“I had challenges especially in buying time to work in studios when before I was recruited to work in WON NSAI STUDIO. I didn’t give up”, he said.

At his age, he spends more than 18hours a day in the music studio at WON NSAI conceiving ideas and putting them to action.

My best moments are when I’m sitting in the studio producing/recording an artist. I see it as a dream come true. I wish to work with some of the house names in Cameroon like Phillbill and others”, he mentioned.

Because of the passion he has for music, Rex Victor Mbinkar said the doors of WON NSAI STUDIO are open to artists who wants to record.

To those getting into music, Rex Victor Mbinkar says they’ve to be hardworking, disciplined, they should be consistent in their work and they should focus on outputting what will make the consumers of the music to feel the music.

WON NSAI STUDIO is located at Vieux Panier in Yaounde.

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