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Road Safety: Ministry of Transport seek ways to curb road accidents

In recent years, Cameroon has recorded its highest deaths from road accidents. Statistics from the World Health Organisation, WHO, indicates that, Cameroon recorded 16,583 road accidents in 2018 with over 1000 deaths and 6000 affected. These statistics have made the roads of Cameroon less safer and the government through the Ministry of Transport has been looking at means to curb the frequent accidents on our highways.

Due to this, the Ministry of Transport has dispatched a delegation to all 10 regions of the country to consult with road users and transporter syndicates on issues that cause road accidents and also on the law relating to road safety.

According to Endenda Atsama Gregoire, head of the delegation to the North West region, the delegation is here to sensitize the transporters and road users on the importance of road safety and to collect proposals that will permit them to come out with a road safety law.

Mr. Atsama Gregoire noted that, there is no road safety law in Cameroon and these consultations are very important because it will permit the Ministry of Transport to write a road safety bill to be tabled in parliament.

Mr Endenda Atsama Gregoire, chief of mission to the North West region

The transporters and road users also proposed possible sanctions to be taken against defaulters of road safety norms.

Che Ngong Gilbert, North West regional delegate of Transport believes that, sensitization of road users rather than punishment will go a long way to curb the rate of accidents.

"The solution to some of these causes of road accidents is with the road users. Reject overloading, over-speeding and know your rights"

"So we have to adopt laws that will permit us to sensitize the transporters and road users", Che Ngong Gilbert said.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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