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Penitentiary Staff Attacks Bamenda II Mayor, seizes Gun of his Bodyguard

Mayor Peter Chenwi

The mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has been violently attacked by some warders from the Bamenda Central Prison purportedly working with instructions from Superintendent of the Bamenda Central Prison. During the attack, Chenwi Peter's bodyguard was beaten by the warders and his gun taken away.

This sad incident occurred Friday August 27, 2021 and has been described as onlookers as disrespect of constituent authority.

Narrating the incidence to the press, mayor Chenwi Peter disclosed that he was allocated a piece of land by Mezam Senior Divisional Officer, Simon Emile Mooh after his house was burnt down by separatist fighters some months ago.

"After I went through the normal procedure, I was allocated a land to construct a house. Yesterday, I went there with a surveyor from the Regional Delegation of State Property and Land Tenure to plant the pillars. Unfortunately, we were attacked by warders who said they received instructions from the Superintendent of the Bamenda Central Prison claiming that the land belongs to them. As I speak, the gun of my bodyguard is still with them", Mayor Peter Chenwi said.

It is alleged that the recent attack on the mayor of Bamenda II is the third attack that is being meted out on three different state officials.

To the Mayor, the SDO of Mezam has summoned the said prison Superintendent on different occasions but he has failed to show up. An act that angers the mayor.

"With what has happened, I am tempted to say that some people are more than the law in Cameroon. There's a procedure to acquire land. We cannot continue to tolerate such an attitude. Is the penitentiary chief the custodian of land in Mezam"? Mayor Peter Chenwi questioned.

Due to all these infringements on the rule of law, Mayor Peter Chenwi is calling on an open investigation to be carried out into the activities of the prison administrator.

At the time of this report, the gun of the bodyguard had not been recovered and the said bodyguard is recovering from the injuries he sustained.

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