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Thinking Life after Graduation, CADS take hold of Future

Final year students from the second batch of Communication and Development Studies, CADS of The University of Bamenda have begun reflecting on what life becomes after their 4-year studies.

For over four hours some perspective graduands of CADS engaged themselves deep-thinking and sharing ideas during a coffee hang out at Mile 3 Nkwen, Bamenda.

The students shared experiences related to their career pursuits, challenged each other and pledged to lend support to each other for collective expansion.

Discussions that opened room for mates to fine-tune their career goals and options, equally revealed to them networking possibilities. Nangsinyuy Modest is excited she shares similar dreams with some mates.
"I got to discover people that have the same vision like me and realized we could actually help each other to achieve our dreams since we have almost the same career aspirations".

While networking championed the over 240-minute discussion, participants shared with each other practical techniques to build and sustain networks with the right people as a pathfinder to their career. Modest adds that "I learnt that every career has an entry point and your entry point should tie to your career aspirations as that is how important networking is".

Afungfege Evita, student with five years working experience already, used her wealth of experience to share with mates available scholarship opportunities while offering them some tips on how to approach these opportunities.

It could not be any better than it was for some students who found a spot to leap into their career goals. Njingti Roger, who has been in the dark part of his life, leaves the reunion, a revived human.
"This meeting was of great impact to my life. I got some intriguing advice that will help me both now and in the future. I was also able to share my problems which were addressed. Bet you, my spirit is returning in me. I really wish to have this meeting every single day because it is really full of love and advice on how to make it in life".

The meeting ended with the students resolving to support each other iron skills and ensure no one is left behind by sharing opportunities with each other while giving credits to their formators, CADS lecturers for building in them team spirit.

By Mbehni Drusilla Nange

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  1. Waoooh, what an opportunity to interact with positive minds.
    Together we build a better future.

  2. Interesting write up.
    Great initiative
    More elbow grease.


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