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Women, Girls Lectured on Proper use of Reusable Sanitary Towels

Tatiana Bih educating the women on menstrual hygiene Management

Women and girls have had their attention drawn to the need for proper use of reusable sanitary napkins during their menstruation period.

This was during a one-hour training on menstraul hygiene organized by UNFPA unit of Community Initiative for Sustainable Development, COMINSUD.

"... If you must use a reusable sanitary napkin, keep them clean by washing with warm water and salt and then air it directly under the sun so as to kill any bacteria and maintain good hygiene", Tatiana Bih, health personnel of Safe Space for women and girls project cautioned 17 participants.

Among other issues around the menstruation management, the girls and women were educated on the female reproductive system, how to keep themselves clean during and after menstruation, the number of times to change their sanitary napkins during their menstrual period and how to keep the vagina clean, considering the fact that it is a very sensitive part of the female body and that should be well taken care of.

Tatiana in her presentation, placed emphasis on how to manage and preserve reusable sanitary napkins.

Another area of focus was on how to calculate the menstrual cycle . She stressed on the fact that it is advisable and good for a woman or a girl to know how to calculate their menstrual cycle as it enables them know their safe periods, fertilization period and when to expect the next menstrual flow.

Participants engaged in questions and answers session

The one hour workshop which ended with the distribution of reusable sanitary napkins and savons to these women and girls, was undoubtedly a remarkable experience to them.

The workshop is a routine exercise which holds every Thursday as from 10am at the COMINSUD Safe Space for women and girls unit.

By Asoh Etheldreda

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