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COMINSUD challenges interns to tackle community problems

Interns and the administration of COMINSUD

Development studies students have ended their month-long academic internship at Community Initiative for Sustainable Development, COMINSUD.

The interns were each asked to identify a problem in their various communities and write a project proposal. 

During their attestation award ceremony, Friday, September 3, the interns were given two minutes each to pitch their project ideas and convince possible stakeholders to endorse their proposals.

Intriguing topics which touch on Waste Management, Ending Child labour, Teenage pregnancy revealed to participants the complexities of community life in Cameron which are begging for attention. 

At the end of their presentations, the interns were corrected and encouraged to effect the corrections for their topics to be made workable.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Coordinator, Fon Nsoh applauded the interns for their hard work throughout their stay in COMINSUD and encouraged them to go out to their institutions and promote sustainable development in all spheres. 

The 15 interns; mainly students from The University of Bamenda each received their attestation of completion of internship and pledged to shine the light as COMINSUD Ambassadors while committing to translate their training into community impact.

Culled from #The_GONG237
Photo Credit: The GONG237

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