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CYD Looks Into Effects of Covid-19 Lockdown, Empower Youths to change the narrative

Workshop Participants

As the third wave of COVID-19 is on the rise, individuals and organizations have reinforced measures put in place by the World Health Organization, WHO, to combat the spread of the virus.

Recently, the washing of hands and putting on of nose masks have been taken lightly thereby causing an increase in the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

Cameroon Youths in Development (CYD), a non-profit organization created has taken measures against the spread of the virus and tackle the disasters caused by the lockdown which was fostered by the virus.

Consequences such as poor health, high crime wave, stagnant trading, high level of illiteracy amongst others have been felt by communities all over and CYD is out to remedy the situation.

In order to remedy the outcome of the effects caused by the virus, Cameroon Youth in Development with the aim of empowering young people and send them to their communities to be actively involved in the development of their communities held a meeting Sunday September 5, 2021 in Bamenda under the theme "Youth empowerment to combat negative effects of COVID-19".

During the meeting that brought together close to 15 youths around Bamenda, Dr. Viof Elias briefed them on the existence of the Coronavirus and elaborated on how one contracts the virus and how it is treated.

Dr. Viof Elias

The meeting further discussed ways forward in contributing to a positive change in the agricultural, education, trading and other aspects of livelihood damaged by the virus. Participants were urged to go back to their communities and identify pertinent issues that plague their communities caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

Ayafor Elvis who doubles as acting president of CYD also urged participants to be the voice in their communities so that they can help their people restart life.

"All of us have suffered and felt the effects of the virus in our homes, communities and in the nation at large. I discovered youths have the potentials to combat these effects because they are the leaders of tomorrow", Ayafor Elvis told The Safeguard.

The meeting ended with participants being urged to be proactive and ensure that they are part of the process in bringing a change in their communities. They were also urged to bring a report on the damages caused by the virus in their respective communities in form of testimonials, interviews and reports whereby their next meeting will involve experts who will work with them as a team to ensure a project is carried out in their communities aimed at providing a source of income to those drastically affected in community.

By Mbehni Drusilla Nange

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