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Journalists, CSOs Engaged in Objective Reporting, Information Verification

In a crisis stricken region as the North West, observing and verifying information before publishing or reporting is key.

It is against this backdrop that Draufsicht Bamenda organized a one day workshop on the theme Objective Reporting and Information Verification.

During the workshop, the Journalists and members of the Civil society Organisations gained first hand knowledge on how fake news is propagated by means of misinformation and disinformation.

The participants were equally trained on the language to use while reporting a conflict because using an insulting language leads to Hate speech which causes cultural, Structural and physical violence.

To avoid fake news, check your source/author, Double check, Triple check because once it gets to the internet, anyone can publish, and anyone can amplify it. Therefore if a story is not worthy of being on the internet in the next 10years, don't publish it.

Statistics have proven that fake news spreads even faster than real news because of the way the propagators tend to design it (make believe).

As much as social media makes just a fraction of the internet, Facebook carries more users. So minding what we post and share on our Facebook pages should be the major responsibility of the press believed to be the voice of the voiceless.

Principally, Fake news can be identified by paying keen interest to the News content and the social content of the story in Question.
Given the fact that propagators of fake news do it for different purposes, the question of if fake news can completely be stopped remains an individualistic one because as individuals we can stop fake news minimally by practicing the core journalism norms of news gathering and reporting amongst which is fact checking.

Participants equally benefited knowledge on how to operate the digital camera to become good photo journalists, building synergy by engaging in learning activities with strangers and team work by making "puff-puff".

Anyam Yvette

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