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South West Region: Clinton Njie Care Foundation visit Schools, donate computers, renovate schools

Some 11 primary and secondary schools in the South West region of Cameroon have benefitted from the largesse of the Clinton Njie Foundation.

The Foundation has donated computers, books and other school items as well as renovated some primary and secondary schools.

All the institutions visited in one way or the other had Clinton Njie as a pupil or student and also where his football career started showing signs.

These computers that have been donated is going to go a long way to help the students who have the challenge of learning through distance education. With these computers we believe that our students are going to make maximum use of them and that their results will be better,” the principal of GHS Bokwaongo said.
I use this opportunity to thank the Clinton Njie Foundation, wishing him the best and to challenge other ex-students of the school to do something like Njie Clinton did.” the Principal concluded.

The donation exercise was done in the presence of the Board Chair of the Foundation, Senator Mbella Moki Charles, the Secretary-General Adriana Romeo and other officials.

“It came as a surprise to us when we heard the Clinton Njie Care Foundation wanted to renovate this dilapidated school building. This school was created in 1917 and we have been managing this building and all of them are dilapidated,” Madam Lyonga of Government School Buea Town told the officials.

It should be noted that the two days tour by the Clinton Njie care Foundation saw officials of the Foundation making a donation to some 11 primary and secondary schools in Buea.

This involved the provision of didactic materials, benches and hand-washing buckets against the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first exercise by the newly created Clinton Njie Care Foundation and the total amount of aid provided amounted to 13.5 million FCFA.

Officials of the Foundation have indicated that they intend to extend Clinton’s largess not just to communities in Buea but as the months unfold, they will equally be touching others parts of the country.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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