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Victim of Mforya Military Raid recounts her story, expresses desire to return to School

Ambe Lum at the 5th Region Military hospital

Some days ago, the Cameroon military raided a camp in Mforya, Bafut believed to be one of the main camps of kidnappers.

During the raid, a gun battle ensued and 18-year-old Ambe Lum who was in the camp at the time of the raid was shot around her abdomen.

After several days of intense treatment at the 5th Region Military hospital in Nkwen, Lum has finally regained her health and has left the hospital and is now as she now wishes to get back to normal life and go to school.

Speaking to the press, Ambe Lum expressed her gratitude to the military health service for the proper treatment she received and her desire to go back to school.

"I will like to go back to school. I was in Lowersixth science and I am pleading that they should help me because I really love school", Lum said.

Asked why she went to the camp, she explained that, she was there to collect her school fees from one of the men who had earlier promised her.

"The man who promised me money told me he was a truck driver. When I got to the house he told me to meet him, I saw him with a gun and that is when I knew he was lying. He stopped me when I wanted to leave", Lum said.

Ambe Lum explained that, her mum is unable to pay her fees and that is why she went there to collect the money because she really wanted to go to school.

Ambe Lum has now been handed over to the Gendarmerie and will be reintegrated into the society in the days ahead.

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