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Bamenda III cultural jamboree to showcase traditional heritage

Mayor Fongu Cletus with members of organising committee of FEHACU 2021

To protect and preserve their culture while strengthening their sense of identity, the Bamenda III Council in collaboration with the Fondoms of Nkwen and Ndzah has decided to organize a three-day cultural event for its inhabitants known as the Bamenda III Festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures, FEHACU.

According to a press statement from the mayor of the Bamenda III council issued on October 21, 2021, the maiden edition of the festival of Heritage Arts and Culture shall focus around the theme "reconnecting our roots, reviving cultural values, and enhancing peace coexistence for socio-economic empowerment of Bamenda III municipality" slated to take place from the 26th to the 28th of November 2021

Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe

According to Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe, the three-day event which will feature different components of culture like music, craft, attire, and many others, is expected not only to bring some sense of the value of culture but also be a path to fostering peace and development between denizens of this municipality.

"We hope to celebrate the rich, unique and diverse cultural potentials of the Bamenda III municipality. It shall be a forum for us to appreciate, promote and preserve our culture. This will help strengthen the sense of identity for our Municipality and by that same token enhance peace, stability, and cohesion between all residents of Bamenda III", Mayor Fongu Cletus noted.

Counted upon not to only enrich denizens but also guests, Mayor Fongu Cletus believes the festival will create a path for interaction between different communities.

"We hope that this festival will be an avenue to enable interactions between different communities and cultures that have found a home in our municipality in a manner that will create deeper understanding, appreciation, and accommodation of each other", he said.

The Bamenda III Festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures is envisaged to be the biggest cultural heritage event in Bamenda in the past years with the hope of having thousands of people in attendance from across villages, cities, and countries.

Registration has been officially opened up till the 15 of November for individuals, groups who wish to showcase their skills about their food, music, craft, and much and also for individuals who wish to support participants with prizes.

By Pechuqui Laurata

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