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CAMP trains mid-career Media Professionals on Covid-19 reports Fact-Checking

CAMP Workshop Participants

The Cameroon Association of Media Professionals (CAMP) has brought together over 20 mid-term career men and women practicing in Bamenda for a one-day workshop to train them on fact-checking covid 19 response information.

Organized with the assistance of the European Union and UNESCO, the workshop was simultaneously taking part in the Littoral and North regions of the country, with its main aim to equip this mid-career journalist with tools that will help them in fact-checking information related to the coronavirus.

Facilitated by Pedmia Shatu Tita the founder of Global Initiative for Digital Inclusion and Communication (GIDICom), participants were schooled on the fact that for a story to be fact-checked, it should be a story that has been seen to have information that will cause damage to the community. She urged these mid-term career men and women to be conscious of the fact that in fact-checking stories every fact counts.

Pedmia Shatu Tita, Main facilitator

Coming at a time when there is so much fake news in society especially online, participants were then implored to ask the following questions when news is shared. “Is it current? Is the site reputable? who is the author? what is the purpose and point of view of the person sharing the information"?to enable the stop of fakes news.

Participants were honored with the presence of the National President of the Association, Mr. Agborem Solomon, who expressed feelings of nostalgia and gratitude in his address to participants as it was the first time a top official of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals visited the region for an official assignment and also to see how vibrant the press core in the region is fairing.

Solomon Agborem, CAMP National President 

It is the first time a top official of CAMP is visiting the North West region for an official assignment and to see how vibrant the press core is fairing despite the challenges …. Let me thank CAMP members in the North West who has been on their toes to make sure this workshop is successful. My regards also which is in line to seek to train midterm career journalist inn the domain of fact-checking as far as covid 19 response is concerned….

He further stated how important the relevance of such a workshop is “this comes at a time when information is being manipulated day-in-day-out, it comes at a time when the public is in dire need to make informed choices and we cannot be indifferent that to fill this gap by delivering training to update journalist who is affected by the realities on the ground. Fact-checking goes alongside trust and trust builds credibility. This credibility goes beyond a news organ, it takes the effort and professionalism of the journalist to counteract this misinformation, disinformation, and to say the least fake news”, he intimated.

The Cameroon Association of Media Professionals created on 10 December 2005 is specialized in the effective use of information and communication technology for education, global information dissemination, and access for development promoting democracy and good governance in national capacity building, promoting community health, cultural preservation, fight against social injustice thereby mainstreaming gender and poverty alleviation.

By Tantan Patience

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