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COMAGEND Engages AGYW as Peace, Equality Ambassadors

Workshop Participants

As part of the activities to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the Women Peace and Security, WPS, Agenda, the Common Action for Gender Development, COMAGEND, on October 21 2021 organized a workshop aimed at training Adolescent Girls and Young Women to be ambassadors for peace and equality.

During the workshop, participants were drilled on achieving meaningful participation for young women within YPS/WPS agendas, Advocacy, amongst others Sirri Cynthia Wakuna, Mavis Yeluma, and Liz Lum who facilitated the workshop training.

In an interview granted, the executive director of COMAGEND Sally Mboumien, who equally moderated the project says, the WPS agenda grants older women the right to participate in peace processes and other factors. The YPS (Youth Peace and security) was born out of the WPS agenda (UNSCR1325).

Mme Sally Mboumien talking to the participants

She says it is an opportunity to open up a conversation on the centrality of young women’s participation in peace processes by harnessing the power that comes from these instruments, putting together the relationship between young women who are advocates for girls and women’s rights and women or youth organizations that are working to uphold the rights of this group.

Sally Mboumien adds that, COMAGEND being an organization that grants access, they work with these empowered young women as community relay agents, support their initiatives, and connect them with young women and girls who are already doing something in regards to building peace, changing the narratives in the community development amongst others. Thus seeing COMAGEND as a hub where they incubate ideas of young women and send them to the field.

She adds that they intend to engage most of their participants for the day at personal and group levels depending on the kind of activity they want to carry out.

According to Mitin Sandrine a participant, the workshop has increased her knowledge of gender and peace. She added that having laws and institutions that backup or take responsibility for your action is very important to guarantee safety in a bid to achieve peace and equality.

According to COMAGEND’s communication manager who equally served as project lead, Mali Martha-Noel, the project came about because of the lack of participation of young girls and women in decision-making spaces especially in peace processes which explains why COMAGEND involved AGYW who are victims of war and actors for peace. 

COMAGEND believes that there is something the AGYW can do to spread and create peace and the best way was by getting them involved in peace processes so that they can influence policies and get decisions made for themselves.

The project is funded by the Global Fund for Women.

By Ngwene Noelly-Thelma 

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