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North West Region: Youth Pledge Support to Government's Peaceful Strategies towards Lasting Peace

Youth of the North West Region of Cameroon have pledged their support to the government's strategies geared towards solving the armed conflict in the two English-speaking regions which have lasted for five years now.

The declaration was made on October 6, 2021, at the Bamenda commercial avenue grandstand in front of the Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, and some top government officials.

According to the declaration document handed over to the Prime Minister, the youth applauded the government's efforts towards bringing lasting peace in the region, noting that those against peace have been brainwashed by individuals out of the country.
"The crisis is persisting because our brothers have been misled by a handful of ill-intentioned individuals in the diaspora".

As stated in the declaration presented by the youth, the government has done a lot from the time of the Major National Dialogue to show how committed she is to solve the grievances of the lawyers, teachers, and the population.

While enumerating some of the successes which rhyme from the creation of a common law division at the supreme court, special recruitment of about a thousand teachers, harmonization of programs at The University of Bamenda amongst others, these leaders of tomorrow believed a lot of work needs to be done towards bringing sustainable peace to the region.

Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute

By the document passed to the Prime Minister Dion Ngute, the youth recommended that the government should focus on the already engaged dialogue, urged the government to precipitate the distribution of resources allocated for the putting in place of the special status to both regions, encourage the government to work on ongoing developmental projects in the region like the Bamenda-Babajou road while promising to remain a committed and peaceful citizens.

The declaration comes in line with the Head of Government's four-day peace mission to the North West Region to expound on the solutions of the grievances issued during the Major National Dialogue held 2 years ago. With his mission to the North West Region of Cameroon expected to end on 08th October 2021, the Youths remain enthusiastic about the government's next move.

By Pechuqui Laurata

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