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PM Dion Ngute calls on mothers in the North West region to talk to their children to leave the bushes

Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Cute

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute has called on mothers in the North west region to talk to their children to leave the bushes and join the path of peace.

PM Dion Ngute made the call in Bamenda Wednesday, October 6, as he held a public meeting at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grandstand.

"Naturally, God has given mothers a better attachment to their children because they carried those children in their womb for nine months. Children listen to their mothers and no one sitting here today is not born of a mother"

"The power of a woman is very strong. So I am calling on all the mothers of the Northwest region to make use of this unique connection and exceptional power of peace by talking to their children to leave the bushes, to drop their arms, and to embrace peace ", PM Dion Cute said.

The Northwest and Southwest regions have been in crisis since late 2016 and to date, guns are still smoking with many persons dying daily because of the crisis.

Efforts by the government of Cameroon to solve the crisis led to the holding of the Major National Dialogue some two years ago. 

Two years after the dialogue, the government says it has implemented 80% of the recommendations of the dialogue.

To PM Dion Ngute, dropping their weapons and embracing peace will not only be for their good but the good of everyone.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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