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Vision of Hope gives hope to the people of Bafut, sensitizes against NCDs

The Vision of Hope team gives hope to the people

As part of activities for the annual Global Week for Action on Non-Communicable Diseases, NCD, Vision of Hope, a Non-denominational, non-political, and non-profit organization that is out to give voice to the voiceless has given hope to close to 200 inhabitants in the Bafut subdivision to live a healthy life through the treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which are a threat to public health.

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, the young dynamic team of Vision of Hope led by the founder Mrs. Marceline Bih Shundale carried out a sensitization campaign at the Bafut District Hospital in Manji to enlighten the people of the Bafut subdivision about the causes, preventive measures, and the management of hypertension, Diabetes and breast cancer.

Bafut subdivision is one of the most affected localities in the North West Region since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis in 2016 leaving many heath facilities abandoned and with the intense gun battle within the municipality which is daily, the people are traumatized which is one of the causes of some NCDs like high blood for instance.

There are more exposed as a result of the conflict and are more vulnerable because most of the health facilities here have been abandoned. Today many people are suffering in Bafut, which explains why we came in, in our little effort to give them hope. Many have been diagnosed with hypertension on and diabetes which they were not even aware of such diseases within"

"We also did free breast cancer screening and those we discovered that they have any of these diseases, We gave them free drugs and explained to them one after the other on the measures they have to take to control themselves”, Mrs. Marceline Bih said.

Mrs. Marceline Bih, founder of Vision of Hope

In collaboration with the Manji District hospital, a group will be formed where patients with NCDs will be meeting monthly to share their various experiences and ways which they are using in preventing themselves so that others can learn from them, Marceline said.

Mrs. Marceline Bih prescribing drugs to a patient

According to Che Godlove Nji, who came for the campaign, the program should not stop because many people in Bafut are suffering from NCDs but have nowhere to get assistance most especially drugs.

I came here for high blood pressure that has been troubling me for some time. They have given me medication after checks. I want to thank these my children who have come to give back to their community good health that God Almighty will continue to guide them so that they could extend their hands of fellowship to other enclave areas within Bafut and beyond”, he said.

A cross-section of the population waiting for their turn to consult

With the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, Vision of Hope donated tap buckets, soap, and disinfectants to the health district to continue with the fight against the pandemic and to all those who turned out for the campaign to fight the disease back in their various homes.

The Vision of Hope founded in 2016 has diagnosed and treated for free several women with cervical cancer. They have also diagnosed over 500 people with hyperbaton and diabetes since inception and in the months ahead, they will be heading to lower and upper Bafut.

The NGO does not work in Bafut only as they are currently carrying out similar activities in the Ngoketunjia division.

Vision of Hope is a non-denominational, non-governmental, humanitarian, non-profit making and apolitical association that in all its activities strives for a society free from preventable and non-communicable diseases which are a threat to public health; secure the livelihood of the poor and vulnerable and as well, establish constructive dialogue forums and structures for the development, especially on gender-related issues.

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