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Biggy Studios: From the Streets to the World, Magdo shining the Light

Since the start of Season 2 of Biggy Studios; The Revolution, dynamic Magdo is one of the contestants who despite coming from the streets have been able to shine the light.

Known in the Biggy Mansion as Magdo, Anyere Awa hails from Pinyin, Santa subdivision, North west Region of Cameroon.

While growing up in Pinyin with her grandmother, Magdo at a younger age loved watching Cameroonian films and admired the actors during that era but felt discouraged because everyone around her refused to watch Cameroonian movies.

Biggy Studios contestant, Magdo

She made a commitment  that when she grew up, she will make the movie industry a great one. Lately, the movie industry has done a lot and before going in for the Reality Show, she desired to gain more grounds.

Since the start of the show, Magdo has been at the top of her game, gaining ground at the top of the voting poll recently.

Winning the show will be a great achievement for her as well as getting to meet the great men and women of the movie industry.


She equally wants to reach out to young girls in Cameroon and see how in one way or the other they can achieve their dreams just as she is doing today.

Since the start of the show, Magdo has been up for eviction on all eviction show.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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