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CAMACA Awards 2021: For Promoting the Strides of Young People, The Safeguard receives Best Blogger Award

The Safeguard crew and the PCC National Peace Coordinator

The Safeguard has received the best blogger award in the category of Best Blogger during the 3rd edition of the Camraise Academy, CAMACA Awards that was held at Alliance Franco hall in Bamenda, Saturday, October 31, 2021.

During the award ceremony, the founder of The Safeguard, Nji Nelson Chefor revealed that the platform has been in existence for some time now and seeks to promote the works and strides of young people.

"The Safeguard has been in existence for one year three months now and when we started, it was mainly to promote the entrepreneurial skills of young people, and recently, the team decided to diversify that particular aspect", he said.

Nji Nelson Chefor, Promoter of The Safeguard 

Nji Nelson Chefor also revealed that the future of The Safeguard is great especially as its works are being recognized.

"The award just comes to recognize the fact that we have been doing something and I want to say that the future is pregnant for The Safeguard. With the young team that we have in place, the main objective remains the same"

"Our focus is still on promoting the young people, enabling them to have exposure to their hidden talents", Nji Nelson concluded.

The Safeguard saw the light of day on July 9, 2020, with the publication of its very first article.

The Safeguard wins this award after being nominated recently in two different categories for the ABC Blog awards.

The Safeguard crew

The crew is made up of young and dynamic reporters committed to changing the narrative.

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By Ngwene Noelly Thelma and Asoh Etheldreda

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