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CAMASEJ empowers Journalists on Gender, Human Rights in Conflict Reporting

Some 30 members selected from the various chapters of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, have been empowered with knowledge on fracturing gender and human rights in conflict reporting. This was during a two-day workshop that took place in Kribi, South region of the country was funded by the Canada Fund For Local Initiatives, CFLI.

While opening the workshop Thursday, November 11, 2021, Jude Viban, CAMASEJ National president said as a result of the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions and the workshop will help journalists gain knowledge to better inform the population. He reminded the journalists that their work as CAMASEJ executive is to take care of the needs of the members.

Asked why only print and online journalists, Jude Viban noted that, the broadcast journalists will have theirs in the days ahead.

"We thought it wise to begin with the print and online journalists, to empower them with the right skills in factoring  Gender, Human Rights in conflict reporting in the NW/SW Regions. In the days ahead, those of the audiovisual will also be empowered”, Jude Viban noted.

He also disclosed that after the workshop, participants are expected to pitch stories with the gender and human rights factors and the best pitches shall be funded.

On her part, the regional delegate of Communication for the South, Evina Beko'o said conflict reporting is a new field of reporting in Cameroon, and most journalists are yet to adapt to it while calling on them to always verify the information before sending it out. 

During the workshop, participants were drilled on aspects of human rights by Barrister Legenju Vitalise, gender by Dr. Violet Fokum and How to Write a Great Story Pitch facilitated by Amindeh Blaise Atabong.

By Nji Nelson Chefor

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