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COMINSUD urges Councils to create Municipal Youth Desk

Community Initiative for Sustainable Development, COMINSUD, has urged municipal councils in the North West region to create municipal youth desks in the respective councils to handle issues related to young people.

This was the agenda of a municipal luncheon discussion held November 3, 2021, at Hilltop hotel up station Bamenda, organized by the Community Initiative for Sustainable Development, COMINSUD, in the presence of over 10 municipal councils from the North West region of Cameroon and some youth representatives from The University of Bamenda.

Presenting the aim of the workshop, COMINSUD's coordinator, Fon Nsoh revealed that, they seek to create a municipal youth desk that will in turn encourage youth participation in civil peacebuilding.

"Since COMINSUD is for a just and peaceful society, we want to be local peacebuilders. To live in unity and harmony in our neighborhood, we need to promote local peacebuilding", Fon Nsoh said.

Youth presentation on issues plaguing their Community

During the workshop, some youth were allowed to do a presentation on some issues plaguing their communities, which further emphasized the need for the municipal youth desk. Given the fact that the youth are very creative and concerned with issues that affect them directly, this desk will enable them to channel their complaint.

After much deliberations, the proposal of a municipal youth desk was received positively by the municipal council authorities in attendance.

Councilors and youth Representatives during the workshop

However, it was resolved that the organization should rather seek partnership with the councils in other to fulfill their objectives.

"It will be much better if COMINSUD seeks partnership with the various councils to create a youth desk that has no paid positions and send out an official correspondence carrying a blueprint", Waindim Jude representative of the North West Regional Assembly said.

It is therefore important for youths to be involved in discussions that handle issues affecting the community and them in particular.

By Asoh Etheldreda

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